D&D 5E Is there a garuenteed way to take damage every turn?


Is there a garuenteed way to take at least 2 damage every turn? Preferably just 2 damage without any actions, concentrate, or other negative side effects.

Trying to keep Rage running without attacking.

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But you could roll a one, and not take two damage. Can you douse yourself twice for 2d4?
That would be 2 separate instances.
Is there a way to get fire vulnerability?
You could always have STR 12 and hit yourself for 2 damage, but what if you miss?
Well, you don't need to hit to maintain rage.
But you can't attack and maintain sanctuary.

There is also caustic brew, but that eats concentration, plus a slot.

Anything else?


Use a Sword of Wounding on yourself twice then elect not to make the saving throws? (That's 2d4 a round)

Or combine one hit with the Sword of Wounding with Alchemist's Fire (still 2d4 but different sources).

Carry a bag of holding full of Stirges and attach one when you want to bleed. (That's 1d4 + 3 a round, swap it out when it gets full)
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Oil would guarantee 5 points of damage each round for two rounds. It would take two actions to pull off (one to douse yourself, one to set yourself on fire using a tinderbox), though I suppose you could pre-soak yourself in oil before combat (the effect lasts for up to one minute).

An allied spellcaster could cast Tasha's Caustic Brew and target you and an enemy in a line, guaranteeing 2d4 acid damage per round for up to a minute or until concentration drops.

Or you could just say "Hey DM, I think this encounter is too easy."


So would attacking yourself break sanctuary?

"If the warded creature makes an attack or casts a spell that affects an enemy creature, this spell ends."

Is it..
(makes an attack) or (casts a spell that affects an enemy creature)

Or is it
(makes an attack or casts a spell) that affects an enemy creature?

Edit: never mind. It was errata.

"If the warded creature makes an attack, casts a spell that affects an enemy, or deals damage to another creature, this spell ends."

At very least damaging yourself is fine.


It's not "Rouge"... That's makeup.
Legacy (pre-MotM) Scourge Aasimar from Tome of Foes has the Radiant Consumption ability, which when triggered deals radiant damage equal to half your level to yourself and anyone else within 10' at the end of your turn.

But that only lasts for 1 minute, usable once per day.

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