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Sale itch.io Ennead Games Mega Bundle for $34.99 for 170+ PDFs


Live on itch.io right now, this bundle covers pratically everything I have on sale there for the silly low price of...

$34.99 !​

You are reading that right!

Each item 50% off! or buy everything for $34.99! Regularly $289.35 Save 87%! on , if my maths is right and I not borked the count, 170+ PDFS!

The only items that are not will be a part of the budle are the ones(s) due to come out this month

Why are you doing this Chris I hear you ask? Good question reader! - Several reasons exists for this infact, including but limited to in no particular order...
  • People are tight on cash right now for many, valid reasons
  • It helps to promote my itch.io store
  • Hopefully gets some sales there
  • It's my birthday at the end of the month and want to give something back
  • I have not done one of these on itch.io yet
  • Why not!
  • Chloe T Cat told me to
  • Itch has a good system where if you want to pay more/tip/give extra support you can do so quite easy!

So, if you wanted to stock up my content now is the perfect time to do so!


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