D&D 5E It's Tough to Be a God has launched on Kickstarter

It's Tough to Be a God has launched on Kickstarter!

120+ Pages of content to help you play, create, & destroy the gods.
Over 30 new items including Holy Relics, 30+ monsters including 10 Scalable Divine Beasts, many new spells with entire magic systems worth available to unlock in our Kickstarter Campaign Adventure, & new Divine feats to provide your cosmic powers.

New Player options, new races/ancestries including the ability to play a Nephilim or as the new Universal Subrace Demigod. Discover your Cosmic heritage.
Also available are VTT creature tokens and Paper miniatures including premade cut files for use with popular cutting machines and much more planned to be included through the completion of our Campaign Adventure. Check it out at the link below for more information.
It's Tough to Be a God (5e)



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The campaign has officially reached it's funding goal. We now look toward adding my custom built Oracle class. A wisdom caster with an emphasis on control/support through AOE buff and debuff effects on the battle field and fate twisting mechanics.

The base subclass utilizes burning powerful herbs and incense to flood the battlefield in a debilitating or empowering haze while utilizing their gift of foresight to manipulate the outcome of dice rolls for their enemies and allies alike.

Join us on the adventure and help make this class a reality.

It should be available in pdf form by the end of May 2022 and Print copies are expected to ship in mid to late July depending on shipping and print speed at the time as much of that industry is experiencing some intermittent delays and is currently hard to perfectly predict.

I put out a rather hefty update today giving some further insight into how I handle the core elements of divinity being covered in the book. I have copied the Play section below. To check out the full update which covers creation and destruction as well as some other notables click the following link or the one in my signature. The Full Update

Play - This is probably what you are most interested in hearing about so I will do my best to be both brief and informative. There are initially three ways that I am including that allow you to play as a divine character. The first is directly becoming a mortal god. This will be explained further in the update. The other two, at the moment, are less directly gods but are directly related to the gods. These of course are the two custom ancestries the Nephilim and the universally applicable sub-race Demigod. Another option can be made available through the Oracle class but as that is subject to being unlocked we won't count it at this time.

Ancestries: The Nephilim boasts a unique set of built-in subraces via Heritages. Players will be able to select a heritage ranging from Celestials to Great Old Ones (Elder Gods) and several options in between. Each will provide the character with unique abilities and or statistical bonuses. These characters are not directly gods but created through the forbidden union which spawns beings feared for their potential. Similarly, the Demigod is a sub-race that can be applied to any existing ancestry which adds a statistical bonus and ability to the existing stats and abilities. These rare beings are a breath away from the divine and are born with a dormant divine spark.

On to the realities of becoming a mortal god. To enable greater balance and enjoyable play no character that is actively being played should ever be elevated to the status of a Traditional near-omnipotent Immortal god. If this is something a player wishes to achieve through this system it should be seen as the end goal for their character in the campaign and understood that doing so is essentially, as far as their ability to play the character is concerned, the death of that character as they will no longer be playable. Suggestions for how this could be achieved are included in this section.

Mortal Gods: As you are probably already aware Belief is the primary driving factor behind becoming a divine character. However, before any of the belief systems can be used the character must first obtain a Divine Spark. A divine spark can be obtained in a number of different ways however, none of them are particularly easy and none of them are common. Characters will accrue believers via primarily challenging social encounters but can also do so through achievements in battle and reputation. The level of influence (detailed in a table of course) of various NPCs directly corresponds to the amount of Belief they are worth. This allows the system to account for the ability of people in positions of power and influence to spread their beliefs among those that follow them. The more influential the NPC, however, the more worldly they are likely to be and thus a greater level of difficulty will be present when attempting to convince them that you are in fact a god. The numerical systems will be presented in detail through an easily useable reference table. As complicated as the system sounds on the surface it is rather simple to implement in practice.

Abilities: When certain thresholds are met players will receive what are essentially divinity points which can be used in exchange for Divine Feats which add powers to their character outside of the normal leveling structure. These powers can be fairly mundane, for a god, such as the ability to appear to their believers as an incorporeal Aspect. which allows the characters to interact with their believers without having the ability to cheese the game via traditional Divine Aspects which are essentially a cheat code for the gods to wander the mortal plane without risk of death.

Divine Feats can also offer characters the ability to perform miraculous displays of power (with sensible gameplay limitations) such as forming demi planes, where they are able to shape reality more or less as they see fit within the confines of that plane. One feat allows a mortal god to make a grove of trees sentient and capable of assisting them. Some feats are restricted to those of a certain divine nature, similar to the portfolio and domain systems used in popular campaign settings, and largely interchangeable when needed. Another higher tier divine feat with divine nature restrictions grants the character the ability to transform themselves into a Huge creature made up of various vermin granting them a temporary pool of health and increased stats and bonus abilities.
I specifically avoided getting into any crunch and whatnot with this as it is meant to provide a basic understanding of what is being done for those who may be uncertain or concerned about how this could even be possible to be balanced. For anyone with balance concerns, for instance, the last three feats which are mentioned have appropriate mechanical limits placed upon them as to how often they can be performed and they are not something that is immediately available nor available to everyone as two of them are limited by "divine nature" or domains. I have done my absolute best to provide a balanced approach to "cosmic power."

Check out the whole campaign and support the publication and improvement of It's Tough to Be a God today!

We completed our first Main Quest on the Adventure Path and unlocked the new custom Oracle Class today! We also reached 100 total backers and unlocked the PDF GM Screen addon designed to be compatible with the GM Screen Binders available from DriveThru RPG.
We are now working toward unlocking two additional subclasses for the Oracle The Gift of Rituals and the Gift of Augury.

The Gift of Rituals and Gift of Augury Oracle subclasses bring new and unique abilities and themes to the Oracle. The Gift of Rituals Oracle (inspired by one of my favorite classes from one of my favorite games) channels sprits and binds them to the material plane temporarily to inflict their will upon the battlefield.
The Gift of Augury Oracle takes inspiration from a type of oracle from ancient Greece and Rome. The Augur divines the future by reading omens primarily in bird signs. They were typically utilized for matters of state, such as succession, and are where we get the word Inauguration. Anyway, enough about their history. These oracles have through their gift, as you might imagine having developed a particular bond with birds and other flying creatures, come to utilize them on the battlefield and typically have a special connection with one individual who acts as their link to the divine and assists them in battle able to act as a conduit for their magics. They enable the oracle to cast spells directly through them, increasing their range and being capable of delivering touch-based magic through their bonded companion. They are heartier than their mundane relatives, being god touched, as they are, they recover from harm in short order.
In addition to the new subclasses being targeted, we are working on adding a custom character sheet, exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign, specifically designed to accompany this book with features designed to help keep track of the new divinity systems while also providing an improved play experience by bringing the most valuable character information to prominence.

All three of these Side Quests are unlocked through social goals rather than by raising any further funds. Our next Main Quest will add a new One-shot adventure to delve deep into a forest to confront the Tusked One a Divine Beast taking the form of a Huge Boar With a fiery mane of hair along its back and at the tip of its tail. While also supporting a small ecosystem of plants growing just below.


I have recently completed a Free Preview PDF. Give it a look here or at the link below for a preview of some of what can be found inside the complete book. If you like what you see find out more by clicking or scanning the QR code found inside or simply click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign page.


"It's Tough to Be a God" is now over 300% funded and has completed the quest for the Wyrd Hunt of the Tusked One and looted a new one-shot adventure designed for Tier 4 play and is scalable to Tier 3.

The campaign has reached its final week and has now revealed the Final Quest on the adventure path. Backers must conquer Kra, the Raven King to loot the Decks of Divinity! The Decks of Divinity are a set of 3 Decks of Cards that can be used at your table. Two Tarot-Sized decks one deck of fully illustrated items and one deck of monsters. A preview of the monsters can be seen below (the stats and abilities are placeholders and not relevant to the monster). The third deck is a Poker-Sized deck that features all the spells from "It's Tough to Be a God" as well as the divine feats players will be able to obtain to power their cosmic abilities as mortal gods.
monster card preview update.png
The stats and abilities featured are placeholders and not relevant to the monster depicted.

Join the campaign today and help us to complete our final quest!

I recently released some more art and an example item card design. The potion on this card features some of my Better Potions elements soon to be covered in a full title release of their own. Several of the potions in "It's Tough to Be a God" have these features incorporated into their design. Check it out below.

item card preview detail.png

As always the specific values and designs featured in this preview are not final and may change prior to release.

The campaign is drawing ever closer to the inevitable end. With just over 72 hours left in the campaign your chance to grab a copy of It's Tough to Be a God at its Kickstarter price and with many extras that will never be seen again. Including the chance to get the book in Hardcover format which is also signed and numbered as well as a custom bookmark featuring art from the book. These are a few of the bonuses that have been made available and will never be seen again. Don't miss out join the campaign today!

The campaign is now in its final hours. With just about 3 hours left to go now is quite literally your last chance to back and get your hands on this book and everything else being provided through the Kickstarter at a significant discount. Listed below is everything we've added during this campaign.

It's Tough to Be a God in PDF, Softcover, & Limited Signed & Hardcover, 120+ pages of Divine Content.
VTT Divine Beast Tokens
Divine Beast Printable Paper Miniatures
Digital-PDF DM Screen/Reference sheet
New Custom Oracle Class & 3 subclasses
Gift of Sight, Gift of Rituals, & Gift of Augury
Encounter Map pack with over 20 Encounter maps in Print & Play & universal VTT formats.
Wyrd Hunt for the Tusked One one-shot adventure
Adventure Maps in both Print&Play and universal VTT formats

Join the campaign before it's over!

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