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Mods, please move this if not allowed. I think it is, and since I have a publisher account, am OK with posting this here.

Yesterday I made an official statement in response to the TSR3 garbage fire. As a fan of the OSR, and as an OSR indie publisher, I felt I needed to speak out in an official capacity.

This Thursday I am launching the Chromatic Dungeons OSR game on KS (it's been in the works for months, not in response to this particular drama). KS doesn't allow you to raise funds for charity or fundraisers.


Today I am announcing that if the project is successful, I personally will match 25% of net profits and donate those to the Trevor Project. I strongly feel that just giving a statement of support isn't enough for me. I understand if others don't feel the same, and I'm ok with that; I'm not judging them. This is about me, and how I feel I need to be a good ally.

I know what the critics will say. That this is virtue signaling on a grand scale, and I'm just trying to cash in by getting more backers by doing this. Those who know me personally know this isn't true, but I can't stop people from speculating. While yeah, it's nice to get as much support as possible, that's a side thing. This is about helping out a great organization that helps the LGBTQ community, because that's the net result here. And I don't want anyone to be a backer who wouldn't be a backer anyway, because I want you to get value for your money. If you're just backing for this reason? Give the money to them yourself directly. And I am not increasing any backer goal amounts to reflect this, so by backing, you're not paying more just for it to go to the Trevor Project. My matching is completely separate from the actual campaign. You're paying for the CD product, and that's what you're getting. Full Stop.


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That is an admirable show of commitment to your principles. Good on you!
I don't view it so much as my principals (I guess though...) as so far as walking the talk. The Trevor project focuses on under 25 LGBTQ folks who are looking for help and support navigating the land mine that is their lives. You know, people who are called disgusting by game companies simply for being trans....

I don't live that life; I don't face those challenges. But I know it's wrong how they are treated. I don't know all the right things to do or help; I only know what my strengths and tools are. I'm an indie publisher, so I use those skills to make my products inclusive, support diverse freelancers by hiring them, and help support organizations like the Trevor Project who are much more qualified to help impacted groups than I am. It's not much in the big picture, but we all have different strengths and resources, and if all of us leverage those to help, I think it could make a difference.

I have several close family members and friends who are part of the LGBTQ community, and someone I care about has recently undergone transition surgery and is going through so many struggles with that process right now. Struggles people like me never have to face, and my heart hurts for her. It's just not right, to exclude people, make jokes about them, or to accuse them of things they've been accused of just because they don't fit your (general you) definition of what should be normal. Christ, life has already dealt them a tough hand, and I believe in helping others because that's what we should do, right? If every other aspect of a person's life is hard, what does it cost me to be kind and to include them?

We're all in this together. We are a community. Not just white cis men like me, but everyone. And everyone should be treated fairly and represented.
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sigh.....ok then, despite what I said in the pre-launch thread, I'll take the money I was supposed to spend on a WotC product and buy your book :p

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