Jeremy Crawford Talks Sidekicks


Warrior: 6+con HP per level.
1 saving throw, 2 skills, weapons and armor and shields
3 second wind
5 second saving throw
8 +1 AC
10 extra attack(2)
15 19-20 critical
20 extra attack(3)

Expert: 5+con HP per level
1 saving throw, 4 skills, 1 expertise
3 cunning action
5 second saving throw, expertise
8 aid another gives +1d4
10 +1d8 damage per-turn
15 expertise
20 +2d8 damage per-turn

Spellcaster: 4+con HP per level
1 saving throw, 2 skills, 2 cantrips, 1st level slot
3 2nd level slot
5 second saving throw
6 3rd level slot
9 4th level slot
12 5th level slot
15 6th level slot
18 7th level slot

Spells known = 2 + Level/2 (round down)


A sidekick can be useful to reload armours.

If there are rules for sidekicks somebody will want to play with monster pets. And even ordinary animals with better senses to smell and listen could detect hidden predators or enemies stalking for a night camp.

Even somebody will try to create a race where two members share a telepathic link (like the taykin, tayling and tayland, twin brothers from Dragonlance) and then a player will can use both PCs.

I bet there are plans to a warband skirmish warband game. If we are lucky we will have an free mobile app as AI in solo games (the app would show when hidden traps are activated or where are the flying enemies).


I want henchmen but not for combat. I want them for more menial tasks like gathering information in a new town, like keeping our horses safe. Heck most of what I want a henchman for isn’t combat related but is instead out of combat related. As such I don’t think henchmen need more hp I just think the campaign needs to be handled in such a way that henchman are t placed in direct fire normally at least not without offering the players an opportunity to avoid such a thing happening.
Do Dm need extra rules to manage that?


Yes, D&D having rules for managing an organization (from a few henchmen, to a bar, to a city-state, to a kingdom, to a plane) would be great.
There is already rules for
downtime in Dmg
downtime in xanathar
I think it’s enough. DnD is not a sim game.


We have a sidekick in my players group.
They have a normal character sheet like the players.
One of the players has a pseudo dragon, that's also quite like a side kick.
For us that works fine.