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EVENTS & EVIDENCE – Beyond the Mountains of Madness

Below are references to sources of information that have been used in this campaign. Some have been left purposefully vague to throw off curious investigators.

1. Obviously, the outstanding "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" by Chaz and Janyce Engan
2. Inspiration for Starkweather's acceptance or rejection letters by Smithy (Joe Dredd)
3. Photographs from National Geographic Magazine CR-ROM collection
4. Inspiration for fundraiser event found on Fojo's BMoM site
5. "Little America" by Richard E. Byrd
6. Photographs provided courtesy of Christian Lehmann (fellow erudite Keeper of BMoM).

***NOTE: Author "Jdeleski" changed sign-on to "Job" in 2006
Job (the tortured one).
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Campaign Overview

In September of 1930, researchers from Arkham’s Miskatonic University, led by
Professors Dyer and Lake, set sail for the Antarctic continent on a bold venture of
exploration and discovery. Two months later they landed in Antarctica near Ross Island;
twenty men, fifty-five dogs, and five large Dornier aeroplanes were set upon the ice.
Their mission was to survey a geologic history of the Earth’s last frontier, to chart from
the air where no human foot had stepped, and to determine at last, once and for all,
whether Antarctica was indeed one land mass or several.

In much of this they were successful. From November of 1930 until mid-January of 1931,
the expedition achieved goal after goal, milestone after milestone. Aerial explorations
flew over and mapped thousands of square miles of previously unexplored territory. Sled
teams took core samples from scattered spots over nearly a quarter of the continent.
However, history does not remember the Miskatonic Expedition for its successes, but for
its final tragic failure.

The end of the expedition came just as the team seemed on the brink of their most
spectacular triumph. On January 23rd, a large party led by Professor Lake, broke through
into an unbelievable treasure-trove of ancient bones and fossils in a series of caverns at
the foot of a hitherto-unknown mountain range. For 2 days, they explored the caves,
bringing up specimen after specimen, some utterly unlike any living things that have ever
been studied by science. Then they were never heard from again; all were believed killed
by a tremendous Antarctic gale that swept the campsite on January 24th. A rescue
mission the following day found only silence and a few pathetic remains of the tragedy.

Now, in March 1933, a new expedition is forming, intent upon a return to that forbidding
Antarctic plateau and Lake’s campsight. British world explorer James Starkweather and
American geologist William Moore have joined forces to attack the Antarctic. The two
men have experience with harsh environments, both having traveled in the Himalayas, and
Starkweather on the Arctic ice cap as well. Their stated goal is to return to the high, cold
interior of the Antarctic continent and to finish the work that Lake and the other began
three years ago. The two are gathering a team of scientists and technical experts whom
they believe will allow them to succeed despite the dangers.


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Link to thread describing character creation mechanics and character sheets
Link to Additional d20 Skills & Feats in This BtMoM Game

And below is a brief Summary of our story to date:

Link to Prologue: (CHAPTER STATUS: Completed) Within this starting thread, our intrepid adventurers applied via letter to Commander Starkweather to join the expedition. Some main NPC's were introduced. Those player characters that were accepted on the expedition attended a fundraising banquet which was interrupted by a gunman. ***NOTE: The Prologue has been completed, however the Great EnWorld Crash of 2006 erased the final posts of the PROLOGUE, wherein Camille Bardier had convinced James Starkweather to allow her to join the expedition.

Link to Chapter 1: (CHAPTER STATUS: Completed) Our player characters arrived in New York City, visited their ship, the SS Gabrielle, and began preparations for the journey. They attended daily briefings from Commander Starkweather and Professor Moore, the expedition's main scientific leader. Some players began nosing around the ship, looking for information about fellow shipmembers.

Link to Chapter 2: (CHAPTER STATUS: Just begun) Following the unexpected death of the SS Gabrielle's Captain in NYC, members of the expedition investigate suspicious circumstances.

Link to Chapter 3: (CHAPTER STATUS: Not yet begun)

Link to Chapter 4: (CHAPTER STATUS: Nearly complete) Wherein preparations are completed and the characters board the SS Gabrielle to get their cabin assignments and meet their shipmates. The action takes place as the expedition is scheduled to depart New York City for Antarctica within the next 2 days (gametime). Unfortunately, final preparations are interrupted by unexpected chaos.

Link to Chapter 5: (CHAPTER STATUS: Just begun) The SS Gabrielle disembarks and the crew settles into their routines for the long journey

Link to Chapter 5a: (CHAPTER STATUS: Just begun) Øyvind Raknes awakens one evening on the ship and investigates the cause.

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*** NOTE: I will update the OBJECTIVE COMPLETED section when I've completed adding links to Chapters 1 & 2. The OBJECTIVE COMPLETED section will be used for determining when players can level up their characters.
4. / No / Expedition Reaches Antarctica
3. / Yes / Expedition Kickoff Meeting Held in NYC / Sept 1, 1933 / Start Aug 19, 2005
2. / Yes / Fundraiser Completed / Aug 14, 1933 / Start Aug 5, 2005
1. / Yes / All Players Accepted on the Expedition / TBD / TBD

6. / Expedition Sets Sail from NYC / Sept 8, 1933 / TBD
5. / Expedition Kickoff Meeting Held in NYC / Sept 1, 1933 / Start Aug 19, 2005
4. / Expedition Fundraiser in NYC / Aug 14, 1933 / Start Aug 5, 2005
3. / Motorized Toboggans proposed / Jun 16, 1933 / Jul 20, 2005
2. / Starkweather-Moore Team Players Selected / Jul 23, 1933 / Jul 20, 2005
1. / BMoM Campaign Started / May 26, 1933 / Jul 8, 2005

Beginning of Prologue
Opening Newspaper Article May 26, 1933
News Article - Starkweather Moore Expedition (SME) Members Selected June 3, 1933
Fundraiser Invitation to Expedition Members
News Article - NYC Mayor to Speak at SME Fundraiser
Motorized Toboggans? Vittorio's Proposal Letter to Starkweather
Motorized Toboggans? Starkweather's Approval Letter to Vittorio Luizzi
Motorized Toboggans? Vittorio's Investigations July 14, 1933
Start of Fundraiser
The Amherst Hotel Ballroom - Expedition Fundraiser August 14, 1933
Starkweather and Moore Arrive at the Fundraiser
The Mayor's Speech at the SME Fundraiser
Professor Moore's Speech at the SME Fundraiser - Part 1
Professor Moore's Speech at the SME Fundraiser - Part 2
James Starkweather's Speech at the SME Fundraiser
The Gunman is Spotted
Start of Gunman Incident
The Gunman's Last Words
Start of Police Questioning of Crew Members at Post # 150
News Article - Report of the Fundraiser Gunman Incident August 15, 1933
Start of Camille Bardier's Dinner with Starkweather to Persuade Him to Allow a Woman on the Team
***NOTE: The Great EnWorld Crash of 2006 erased 6 months of posts in the PROLOGUE at this point

Beginning of Chapter 1
Jim Poole Receives a Book
Crewmembers Arrive at the SS Gabrielle
Øyvind Raknes's Strange Vision as He Enters the Ship
***NOTE: The Great EnWorld Crash of 2006 erased 6 months of posts in CHAP 1 at this point, but I summarized our missing events in a series of posts.
Onboard Measurements for Coldweather Gear (with Peter Sykes) and Medical Checkup (with Dr. Green)
Starkweather and Moore - Morning Briefing
Taking Ship's Inventory and Verifying Manifests - Starts at post # 26
Vitus discovers missing dynamite and missing blasting caps and fuse?
Øyvind discovers a missing generator?
The continued search for missing dynamite, blasting caps, and fuse
Martin LeBlanc, ship's Photojournalist, finally finds his photography supplies
Dr. Moore "locates" the missing dynamite and blasting caps, but not the blasting fuse
Dr. Moore "locates" the missing generator
Dr. Moore asks a special request of Martin LeBlanc
News Article - J. B. Douglas announced as SS Gabrielle's Captain
James Starkweather's Tirade in the Hotel Amherst - A woman?
News Article Sept 4, 1933 - The Woman of Starkweather's Attention forces the Resurrection of Camille Bardier.
Camille Bardier meets with Professor Moore
News Article Sept 5, 1933 - Announcement of Camille Bardier's Joining the Expedition
Martin LeBlanc, Photojournalist, performs research at the New York Times newspaper office
Martin finds information in the New York Times archives that may be (or may not be) relevant
Camille finds a bit of chaos (or rats?) in the ship's hold
Martin snoops around Dr. Moore's files on the ship...
...and Martin finds a list that may be (or may not be) important
Martin makes a phone call to Professor Pabodie at Miskatonic University (following up on Moore's list)
Dr. Watkins' application to Starkweather, and follow-up interview
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First Post
Starkweather & Moore - PROLOGUE, Arrival at Expedition Fundraiser
Starkweather & Moore - CHAP 1, Morning Briefing for the Team
Albemarle, Pierce - Meteorologist (crewmember): CHAP 1, Introduction and Activities for Taking Inventory
Broughton, Hubert - American Geographic Society fellow (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser
Fiskarson, Enke - Dog Wrangler (crewmember): CHAP 1, Enke meets Øyvind
Green, Richard - Ship's Physician (crewmember): CHAP 1, Medical Exam for the Team
Griffith, Willard - Geologist (crewmember): CHAP 1, Willard meets Øyvind and George Barrow
Halperin, Douglas - Pilot (crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser
Halperin, Douglas - Pilot (crewmember): CHAP 1, Inspecting tools in the cargo hold
Hansen, JJ - NYC Police Detective (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Arrival at Amherst Hotel after Gunman Incident
Hansen, JJ - NYC Police Detective (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Start Questioning of Crew Members at Post #150
LaRoche, Louis - Radioman (crewmember): CHAP 1, Assisting with investigation of missing dynamite, caps, and fuse
Pabodie, Frank - Professor / Engineer (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser
Pabodie, Frank - Professor / Engineer (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser Part 2
Pabodie, Frank - Professor / Engineer (non-crewmember): Chapter 1, Phone call with Martin LeBlanc
Rockefeller, John D. - Benefactor (non-crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser
Snabjorn, Olav - Dog Wrangler (crewmember): CHAP 1, Olav meets Øyvind
Sorensen, Nils and Gunnar - Polar Guides and brothers (crewmembers): CHAP 1, Taking Ship's Inventory
Sykes, Peter - Polar Guide (crewmember): PROLOGUE, Introduction at Fundraiser
Sykes, Peter - Polar Guide (crewmember): CHAP 1, Measuring the Team for Coldweather Gear
Turlow, Paul - First Officer (crewmember): CHAP 4, Introduction upon arrival at the ship
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Bardier, Camille - Pilot: Character Sheet
Bardier, Camille - Pilot: Application Letter to Starkweather
Bardier, Camille - Pilot: Starkweather Rejection Letter
Barrow, George - Biologist / Biochemist: Character Sheet
Barrow, George - Biologist / Biochemist: Application Letter to Starkweather
Barrow, George - Biologist / Biochemist: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Guerini, Paco - Polar Guide: Character Sheet
Guerini, Paco - Polar Guide: Application Letter to Starkweather
Guerini, Paco - Polar Guide: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Lambert, Vitus - Physician / Alpine Skiier: Character Sheet
Lambert, Vitus - Physician / Alpine Skiier: Application Letter to Starkweather
Lambert, Vitus - Physician / Alpine Skiier: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
LeBlanc, Martin - Photojournalist: Character Sheet
LeBlanc, Martin - Photojournalist: Application Letter to Starkweather
LeBlanc, Martin - Photojournalist: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Luizzi, Vittorio - Engineer / Demolitionist: Character Sheet
Luizzi, Vittorio - Engineer / Demolitionist: Application Letter to Starkweather
Luizzi, Vittorio - Engineer / Demolitionist: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Mahoney, Annie - Physician: Character Sheet
Mahoney, Annie - Physician: Application Letter to Starkweather
Mahoney, Annie - Physician: Starkweather Rejection Letter
Poole, James - Geologist / Climber: Character Sheet
Poole, James - Geologist / Climber: Application Letter to Starkweather
Poole, James - Geologist / Climber: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Raknes, Øyvind - Explorer / Dog Handler: Character Sheet
Raknes, Øyvind - Explorer / Dog Handler: Application Letter to Starkweather
Raknes, Øyvind - Explorer / Dog Handler: Starkweather Acceptance Letter
Rucker, J.P. - Priest: Character Sheet
Rucker, J.P. - Priest: Application Letter to Starkweather
Rucker, J.P. - Priest: Starkweather's Rejection Letter
Watkins, Wade - Physician: Application Letter to Starkweather
Watkins, Wade - Physician: Immediate interview with Starkweather
Watkins, Wade - Physician: Starkweather's acceptance of Dr. Watkins
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