John play: Hero for hire


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ORALUNE 1, 998

“DON’T….. Don’t say anything. You and your ‘friend’ may have just begun a war between Droaam and Breland. One King Boranel would prefer to avoid and in part why I am here.” The psionic Dark Lantern Sgt cannot help but allow her intent be mentally felt as much as heard. Play scowls and Avireal winces from the headaches beginning to develop.

The three of them are sitting in Commander Daniel’s office. He did not survive the first volley of arrows from the gnolls. The arrow pierced his throat and was coated with poison. He was dead before the poison even took effect.

“I have half a mind to implicate the two of you. The King will deal with you as he will and Droaam will demand further punishment to you. All of this just to keep the two nations from acting out in war.”

“I want you two to think about that in here while I go to alert the King he can expect a nasty gram from Sivis or the damned Gnoll ambassador.” She leaves and slams the door.

“She is mad.” States the drow barbarian.

“She’ll get over it.”

“Is she right? Could a war break out between the nations?”

“We are already at war. A war of secrets and information gathering. A cold war if you want.”

“I…. am sorry. The forces began to move in to flank and entrap us. I acted out of my training.”

“I know. Nadia understands that. You just put her between a rock and a hard place is all.”


More Silence. Play begins to look around the room in boredom. “Time to get on with things.” He gets up even as Avireal looks on with some uncertainity. He looks over the books on the shelves. He pulls out one book. ‘The War of Broken Tusk’ is an old book written in Orc. It details some of the dwarven tactics involving tunnel defenses against the aggressive orcs of the southern mountains. Also a note with a name and number. “Can’t get away from you can I?” he mumbles to himself. The paper reads ‘Kim ir’Elderich 234’

Another book catches his eye. Or at least the lack of fine dust from the book being taken in and out. ‘Journal of the hand 990’. Play thumbs through it. He reads about secret agreements made between the fort commanders and several Gnoll and Medusas in that year. Curious. He looks about some more.
He finds 978, 979, 980, 985, 986, 987, 990, 992, 994…… several journals are missing….. most notably- 991.

“Avireal- could you do me a huge favor…. Look around for a book that looks like these….” And Play spreads out the journals he had located. Going through hundreds of books they find the missing journals for years 981, 983, 984, 988, 989, 985 and 996. Journals 982 and 991 are both still missing.
Deciding the hell with it, he now spies and looks for secret spaces. By doing this he finds a few potions and daggers. Avireal finds a ring. It is black gold with a dark green jewel set in it. In emerald is a flame like hand. Curious about it, she takes it. The law of the jungle….. he is dead. He doesn’t need it anymore.

“Ah….. here we go.” Plays says happily as he finds a sliding panel on the desk. “Drats” and he tosses Journal 977 aside.

Pulling up the rug, he carefully feels the boards….. and finds a lose one. Opening it, he finds a small bundle and….. Journal 991!”

“Now why would you hide this here and leave the others out to be found?” He digs further and finds the answer. The original journals are here. Comparing the two for 990, 992 and 993 he finds there are the originals and there are fakes with false names and places. He places the originals into his magical bag and smiles to Avireal. “Time to go?”

“Is that a good idea?”

“naw….. but it can be the most rewarding.”