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Kickstarter Join the Campaign Now! Army Men: A Game of Tactical Plastic


We Need You! Get your rear in gear, soldier! The real war is starting and you and your plastic comrades need to tackle it now!


Army Men: A Game of Tactical Plastic written by Neal Litherland and published by High Level Games is a brand new 5e Creative Commons powered tactical roleplaying game where you take on the role of plastic soldiers in a war against the Vespoid threat! Will you be able to stop them? Will you save the civilians of the Plastos Federation? What will success look like in the face of internal tensions within the various nations? You decide!

Pick Your Resin
Choose from all the classic Army Men colors for your character, including Green, Red, Tan, Blue, and Gray.

Pick Your Cast
Choose from one of 4 core character classes, or casts that help you decide what role you take in your squad. At the same time, each cast has at least 3 sub-class options to help you customize your character to your liking!

New Systems include:

Morale: A 5 point morale system to help reflect the ups and downs of warfare
Guns: A whole slew of weapons balanced to make firearms work in a really effective way for 5e.
Exploits: Called feats in some games, Exploits are a modern take on the system, to assist in customizing your character.

Join us today! On Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/highlevelgames/army-men

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