Jon Hodgson Map Tiles Available Now!

Jon Hodgson

JHMP 800.jpg

Dispatch for the smash-hit Kickstarter has been completed, and now Jon Hodgson Map Tiles are now available for everyone!

Check them out in the store, and don't miss the bundle deals!

If you're in the US, then you can get them faster by ordering here, at Drivethrucards: - Handiwork Games - Jon Hodgson Map Tiles - Connecting card game designers and players and there are bundle deals available there too!

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• Miniatures shown are from the mighty Red Box Games.
• The Viking Dice are from Triple Ace Games
• The BEOWULF Compass Rose and tokens are from Campaign Coins, coming soon from Handiwork Games.
• Dice trays are available here: Dice Trays – Handiwork Games

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