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D&D 5E Joseph Goodman on 5E

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From the DCC RPG forum (Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, coming soon) In response to some one worried that 5E may push DCC RPG away from his gaming group

Goodman Games • View topic - How do I put this? Errr Hurry the heck up!

Joseph Goodman said:
I'm actually very excited about 5E. What we've seen so far is "the tip of the iceberg." I think WotC will genuinely pull this one off and release a game that is not only a lot of fun to play but also a "great unifier" of the fan base. I can't wait for it to come out. It will be good for the industry, good for the fan base, and good for Goodman Games.

I think 5E will also be good for DCC RPG. DCC RPG is a game, but it is also an expression of a certain style of play. It's pre-D&D swords & sorcery; it's Appendix N; it's mustaches and bell bottoms. The DCC RPG adventure modules will most likely end up compatible (or closely compatible) with 5E, for reasons noted below. The adventure modules are as important, if not more important, than the core rules. Although most of the discussion so far has been around the rules (understandably), the DCC RPG lineup has a lot more modules than anything else. Really the support base is adventures. I love publishing and writing adventure modules, and that enthusiasm will come through loud and clear in DCC RPG (as you have no doubt seen so far with the 8 announced modules and more lining up behind them).

The primary element of "edition compatibility" when it comes to modules is monster stats. DCC RPG monster stats are very simple. They are built on the same foundation as Pathfinder, C&C, and all other D&D 3.5 descendants. And what is 5E aiming for? A rules set that unifies prior editions and, along the way, quite possibly unifies many of the 3.5 "rules cousins" as well.

What I suspect may happen is that players who appreciate a certain play style end up buying the DCC adventure modules for use in Pathfinder...or C&C...or 5E. And who knows what else. Even if they don't play DCC RPG.

Back to your original point, I can certainly appreciate the frustration with the delay! Me too, believe me. The delays are for good reasons: what you will eventually get will be a beautiful layout, thoroughly play tested rules, great art, and a document that has been edited and proofread by many sets of eyes. Send me your address and I'll send you a free poster to help tide you over until the book is out.

I hope your group engages in 5E, provides their feedback, and helps shape what could be a great game for all RPG fans. If your group wants to skip the DCC RPG rules for now, just steer them toward the adventure modules that will follow on the heels on the core rules. I suspect you'll be able to play those with a variety of systems. If they enjoy the style of play in the adventure modules, you may find you're all moving in the same direction after all.

Good to see both common sense and a genuine desire for the best for our hobby.

Looking forward to DCC RPG too, pretty crazy fun rules from the BETA (though most certainly not to everyone's taste, the opposite of 4E in many ways!)
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Goodman puts out Goodstuff, for sure. The DCC RPG beta drips with cool. I'm currently running a PF conversion of Castle Whiterock. Glad to see Joe react to the news of DDN positively.


I wouldn't have expected any different a response from D&D's most ecumenical publisher. Good to see nonetheless.

More than any rule particular, I remain most interested in how compatible the non-core of 5e is to the greater D&D/OGL/d20 family of games. While I strongly doubt I will be using the 5e rules, I wouldn't say no to good, compatible (or easily convertible) adventures, monster books, books of spells & magic and the like.

Goodman wants to see the same thing. "If their supplements are of use with our rules, then our supplements should be of use with their rules."


From what I've seen of the DCC RPG (and why I lost interest in it) is that it doesn't seem very D&D like. Or rather, it looks like a 70s era knock off of D&D, with some of the same mechanics, but a lot of things renamed, which can prove to be a hassle when converting.


I had a chance to playtest the DCC RPG, but my wife put the kibosh on that. :(

I'll probably pick it up anyways. I'm a big fan of the DCC modules.


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Whizbang Dustyboots;58039;)90 said:
During the D20 boom, his modules were most certainly in stores. I can't say now -- the local bookstores have all pulled their RPG sections in the last few years.

Thanks for answering, I didn't phrase my question correctly, I know about GoodmanG
Games I wanted to know if they are internet only I will use bit of google-fu to find their site, DCC intrigues me.

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