Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Volume 3

The third volume of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society is now on sale!

You can grab your copy of the ebook or printed edition (with free PDF!) right here: Mongoose Publishing

North American Travellers can grab theirs right here: Mongoose Publishing

Each JTAS volume is a treasure trove of information and game additions for Traveller, including adventures, new ships, alien creatures from across Charted Space, philosophical musings on the big empires, histories, different takes on familiar equipment, new vehicles, characters to be met in starports, playable alien races, and much, much more...

Amongst the many articles in Volume Three, you will find:

  • Cartridge Laser Weapons, for those wanting to avoid heavy power packs
  • Zhodani Military Organisation
  • The nitty-gritty of jump drive operations
  • Engage in electronic warfare in War in the Fourth Dimension
  • The Tvastar Manufactory Ship, a vessel designed for instant colonisation
  • The chance to enact a prison break in Rescue on Ruie