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Release Journey, the new Worldbuilding Tool for DMs and Creatives, has a Physical Book Release! (Free Copies Available)

Journey is a worldbuilding and creative tool for DMs and creatives, an exercise in imagination and visualization, using game-style mechanics and concepts to guide you through the roads less traveled in worlds of your own creation.

I had a blast putting this tool together, which is now available in both digital and physical versions at DriveThruRPG

Journey - Cover Preview.png

It was built for worldbuilders who want to 'zoom in' on details of their worlds to draw more inspiration from these new details. You can expect to mine new inspiration, story hooks, and details from a session of Journey.

Journey uses game mechanics and imagination to walk players through defining a setting that they'd like to explore, be it a world they've created themselves or an established world they'd like to get to know better (like a fictional world, aTTRPG campaign setting, etc).

Then, with a combination of dice and playing cards, the game will prime the imagination of players, helping them discover new Waypoints in their setting and 'zoom in' on new and exciting Aspects of those places and things.

I've had a number of dungeon masters, writers, and game designers involved in the creation of Journey, and they really loved that it helped them explore in a more focused way, allowing their imagination to churn out new inspiration.

Head over to DriveThruRPG to check out the new physical book, or pick up a digital copy!

Note on Free Copies: This last year has been naughty word, so I also want to do what I can to support the community. There are a number of free Community Copies of Journey available on itch.io as well at Journey by Graycastle Press, meant to help those that might not have the scratch to pick up a game grab a free copy. These have been FLYING off the site, so they may be out at any given time, but I'm adding more as Community Copies are donated and the game sells.

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