2000AD Judge Dredd - Arresting perps?

In the Worlds of 2000AD book that a Judge should attempt to arrest the perp.

Is there some sort of test of will where the Judge exerts their authority and tries to force the perp to give up?

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Andrew Dixon

Normally, a Judge will issue a warning - desist or face the consequences kind of thing. Most citizens will be affected by this kind of thing [its an RP thing for us]

if facing obvious criminals, my players often go with throw down your gun/weapon backed up with a CHA+Intimidation roll vrs Mental Def [with a bonus dice or two if a warning shot was fired] or they might use Voice of the Law exploits [if they have them]

For henchmen/lackeys once they have lost half of their health, I roll a WIL check vs 10 to either continue fighting or flee/surrender, for hardened perps I dont roll

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