2000AD Judges campaign

Hi All,

Now that the brilliant Judge Dredd PDF has been out for a while I was wondering if any body has been running any Judges' games and how they were going?
I havent run any games in longer than I would like to admit and I was hoping to get some hints and tips for running the Judges ?
I was wondering how people go about including things like MAC and PSU and if how they balance investigation vs combat?

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I'm waiting for the hardback rulebook to arrive before I start my campaign. If your players are playing Judge characters I'd say make full use of MAC and PSU to aid in their investigations. They are tools the Judges can legitimately use, so use them. As for balancing combat vs investigation that depends entirely upon the scenario. Some will be more combat orientated whilst others will focus heavily on investigation. As a rule of thumb, I'd go for an even split between the two. I hope that helps and good luck with your campaign.


Well, that was fun
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I ran The Robot Wars as a Judge campaign, and then some of the short adventures in The Robot Wars.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Just waiting for the Robot wars to come out. I only picked up the core book through the Kickstarter (which I'm kicking myself about now)

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