Gate Pass Gazette June's Gate Pass Gazette Articles (Issue #16)

Savannah Broadway

Managing the Gate Pass Gazette

Sorry for the delay, everyone--I managed to come down with Covid, and it knocked me for a loop for a few weeks. Work has since resumed here at the Gazette and we hope to get GPG #16 out in the next week or so. In the meantime, here's the upcoming lineup!

The Zephyr’s Legacy: A Ship and Her Crew
In Gate Pass Gazette Issue #5 we introduced 3 archetypes for an airship crew: the Contriver rogue, the Hotshot bard, and the Eldritch Gunslinger warlock. In this article we provide Narrators with NPCs that put names and personalities to these archetypes, and for players we have stats for the good ship Zephyr and mechanics and origins to those that might have walked her decks. By Rachel Williamson.

Out of Retirement
Plenty of stories have heroes and former mercenaries give up a life of adventure for quiet, honest work. But it’s never that simple: just because they’ve walked away from the happenings of the world, doesn’t mean that the world is done with them! This article introduces two backgrounds, a destiny, and some unique mechanics for those that must re-forge their plowshare into a sword once more. By Tyler Omichinski.

Home on the Prairie: Origins from the Rugged Frontier
The Rugged Frontier, first presented in Gate Pass Gazette #12, can appear at first as a land inhabited only wild, dangerous monsters and the occasional intrepid band of pioneers. But nothing could be farther from the truth, as many intelligent peoples with rich histories call this majestic landscape home. This article presents a new destiny, a new culture, and a related organization as well as the enduring oxfolk heritage. By Andres Cappiello.

Favored Hands of Divinity: Cleric Archetypes
Each divine power needs their favored hands, those they can trust with true power on the lesser planes. Clerics, priests, deacons and bishops—whatever name is born on their holy iconography, they are all instruments of divine will. Where they differ is in what role they play. While there are many paths to serving the divine, this article asks the following of a cleric: do they stand at the right hand of their god, preaching the good word? Are they at their deity’s left hand, doing what only they know must be done to maintain order? Or do they choose to stand in the shadows, protecting the flock from unseen evils? By Andrew Englebright.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Weeeeeelll... Every -official- class!

It's practically impossible, I imagine, but it'd be amazing to put some 3rd party class archetypes into the GPG.
Unfortunately we can’t require people to buy additional books to make use of their GPG issues. That really wouldn’t go down well! :)


And with that, every class has been given at least one GPG archetype!
I totally forgot that the Artificer was released in GPG and was wondering what additional archetype was released in GPG.
A Paranormal Power article in a future GPG would be neat. ;)
How about psionic heritage gifts for the AG heritages (yes, I know that 4 are already in PP) and/or PP compatible versions of the O5E "psionic feats" like Telekinetic or Telepathic.

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