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Just looking for some feedback on my Zombie Apocalypse RPG hack

Hey everyone. As the title states, I just finished frankensteining my own Zombie Apocalypse RPG. I couldn't find any games I actually liked. They were either too complicated or the games mechanics weren't set up as a typical RPG. The couple I did find that sparked my interest were hacks of other games. One was a hack of a hack of another game and the other was a hack of a little game. So I got together the few games I did like, took out the stuff that worked and left the rest on the cutting room floor. Then I reassembled them and added some ideas of my own into a game that I think is a little more accurate to a zombie apocalypse rpg. I am planning on uploading some expansion rules and more professions, etc. As well as some adventure modules in the New Year but I am taking a break from writing during the holiday season.
I would like some feedback and very much open to chat about this further with people.
you can find my game on my website here:

Zombie Survivor: The Role Playing Game

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to hear some constructive feedback. Thanks again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

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