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Release Just Released! Dog Daze for The Mutant Epoch RPG

Mutant Lord


Dog Daze: Adventure TME-5 for The Mutant Epoch RPG, just released.

Mayhem on the road • A subterranean escape • An epic solitaire saga

You’re on the run in the weeds and wreckage... and you aren’t alone, traveler. You’re being tracked, being surrounded, and likely the next meal for the hounds of the wastes. Your goal is to get to the excavator support town of Pitford, but the coming night, impending junk storm, and bizarre beasts of the scrub-land make the odds of that very remote. Getting off the surface might be your only hope.

Challenge Yourself
Grab your dice, a pencil, and your character sheets and immerse yourself in hours of unpredictable, epic adventure. See if your character can survive and if not, our condolences, so come join the Epochian community online and share your casualties by using the hashtag #DogDazeKIA on Instagram, twitter, or other social media.

This fast-paced, highly re-playable module can be used as a training ground for those new to the Outland System. Likewise, sections of this book can be inserted into a game master’s own dig sites and encounters, or slid into other published TME adventures. Only minor, 'on the fly' tweaks are needed to convert Dog Daze into a GM directed quest.

Spoiler Alert
If you intend to play this adventure, don’t flip through the pages too far because this is a heavily illustrated game book and some scenes might give away surprises. Dog Daze uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play. Designed for 1 first rank character, this module is not necessarily setting specific.

• 204 Illustrations
• 3 GM’s only Maps also inserted as 100 mini-maps
• 240 Pages
• 5 New Creatures
• 3 New Relics
• Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) members can freely download all the maps, relics and critters at www.mutantepoch.com.

This is our 5th full length adventure for The Mutant Epoch RPG. This epic solo play adventure was originally crafted to accommodate those stuck at home during the great plague of 2020. It took longer than expected. Way longer, and now in late 2021, as lock downs are lifted in some areas and not in others, the idea of a quarantine game that a person can run as GM and player simultaneously is still needed... especially as Dog Daze can easily be converted to a Game Master directed, standard game with several players. We recommend you try it yourself a few times in solo mode, and then run it for others.

Learn more about this book here: www.outlandarts.com/dogdaze.htm
See a 8 page PDF sample here: www.outlandarts.com/Dog-Daze-The-Mutant-Epoch-RPG-PDF-8pg-sample-Dec5-2021.pdf

Where can you get it?

Softcover print
book $26.99 at Amazon Amazon.com or in the UK Dog Daze: Adventure TME-5: Amazon.co.uk: McAusland, William, McAusland, William: 9780994923776: Books

PDF $11.99 at Gumroad (where we earn 95% commission and you get the same download!) Dog Daze: Adventure TME-5

PDF $11.99 at Drivethrurpg.com Dog Daze - Outland Arts | The Mutant Epoch RPG | DriveThruRPG.com

Mutant Lord / William McAusland
Creator of the Mutant Epoch RPG

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Mutant Lord

A few non-spoiler images from Dog Daze...


Observer on the ledge
Probably my favorite image from our new book release; Dog Daze. This is zoomed in a bit and one of the few images I will be sharing for this project. I spent the last year producing 204 Inks for this solo-play adventure, but can’t show 95% of them as they would be spoilers for the Mutant Epoch fans.
I hope you all check it out and please share the book link wherever tabletop RPG hobbyists hang out. WM


What’s in this knapsack?
Another passably safe interior ink I can share from Dog Daze that won’t spoil anything for you Epochians. This dude looks capable enough to survive, but is he quick? Is he smart? These matter as much as brawn.

Check out the 8 page Dog Daze sample PDF from our website. The Mutant Epoch:: Dog Daze, Adventure TME-5


Scantly Clad Cyborg Brute
A player character for the opening of adventure TME-5 Dog Daze, a new solo play or group play adventure for The Mutant Epoch RPG.

Mutant Lord

And a few more sharable images from this solo play adventure...


Mutant Dog
While mutant dogs are included in the Mutant Epoch hub rules bestiary, we added their stats and a vastly expanded random mutation list to Dog Daze. This highly useful document can be downloaded by SOE member game masters to use in other scenarios. Enjoy. https://www.outlandarts.com/dogdaze.htm


Take cover!
Two heads are better than one when you’re trying to survive alone in the wastes. This mutantess spots a winged slasher lizard... just as your character might in our new solo-play adventure, Dog Daze. Grab a free 8 page demo PDF at our website. www.mutantepoch.com


Your Traveling Companions
One of the opening illustrations in Dog Daze. This ink shows the pair who are seated on the benches across from you. He’s a trader from the slum city of Overpass, and she’s off to new employment among the excavators, scavs and scoundrels of Pitford. You will roll dice to hear their opinions... before everything goes to hell.

Check out the 8 page sample here: https://www.outlandarts.com/Dog-Daze-The-Mutant-Epoch-RPG-PDF-8pg-sample-Dec5-2021.pdf

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