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Justin LaNasa shares his opinion of EN World

Yesterday afternoon a YouTuber named TheEvilDM shared an interview with Justin LaNasa and and Michael K. Hovermale from the new TSR. Around the 53:26 mark, Justin felt the need to call out EN World specifically (NSFW audio warning):

I have to admit I have only watched about another 10 minutes past that point (it's a long video), but I think the conversation moves on after that and we aren't mentioned again.

One of the things that Justin and Michael repeat multiple times is that they are annoyed when people talk about TSR but don't come to them directly to learn more. So, rather than just spread rumors, I would like to tag @TSR-Hobbies and ask: Do you have anything to add to this? Would you like to expand on Justin's feelings about our community? Are there any specific examples you can give of lies that we have spread?
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I have been trying to teach my kids to ask, "Compared to what?" Someone says you are a big company- compared to what. Are we rich/poor- compared to what. Although if my wife asks is she looks pretty, the answer is always yes. I at least learned not to question that one.
Compared to this packet of peanuts EN World is a veritable behemoth of industry.

Like that?


Compared to this packet of peanuts EN World is a veritable behemoth of industry.

Like that?
Exactly, now knowing what is being compared, I can make a decision on how much weight to give your opinion.

If the video said a 'very big company' in terms of members or posters compared to other sites, or compared to the old Wizard boards, then there is more weight to the assertion.

Well this does speak to something that is clawing at the edge of my brain -- Even though the folks at nuTSR clearly know what Twitter and Facebook are (perhaps 'sadly know' would be more appropriate), they still have always seemed like they think it is still 2005 or so. EN World is apparently a big fish and Gygax's kid is going to be a big draw to the company and a physical museum and some (a few, which haven't materialized) OSR products are what it takes to make a gaming company (I mean, they almost had to. To do otherwise would be leaving dozens and dozens of dollars on the table :p). It seems very pre--most of the OSR, much less 5e 's big success, Critical Role, influential Youtubers like Colville, celebrities gaming, livestreaming, and so on -- in scope/mindset.

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