5E Kachina, new fey monster

The Glen

Was working on my book and I need more fey creatures to balance out the rather low number of them. I had been grabbing fey creatures from mostly Celtic/Nordic myth but decided to hop the pond and look at Indian folklore. Always liked the kachina, so decided to include them. Two major parts stand out, first they can turn invisible at will, but not to children. They are very protective of children serving as a kind of mentor to the Atruaghin kids (country that is amalgam of various Indian cultures). Second, they can change creatures alignments temporarily. They aren't much of a threat in combat, but are rather hard to kill.


I think it is cool that you are drawing on Native American culture and I think you did a good job with the fluff. I'm a little concerned, though, because for some Native Americans katchinas are pretty serious religious personae. Bit like having the Archangel Michael pop up in game with stats and potentially attackable. Not exactly the same, but maybe you catch my drift. Could make some folks uncomfortable. Or I could be off base. Anyway, not telling you what to do -- just something to consider.