Kaleva's Workshop


Kaleva's workshop is hidden within the maze of warehouses near docks. The only exterior indication of its location is Chennet' Holy Symbol drawn on the door with Kaleva's name written in dwarven beneath it. The door remains unlocked while the workshop is occupied, otherwise there is a notice affixed directing inquires to the Red Dragon Inn.

Upon entering, one discovers that the workshop consists of a single open room. It has a well organized appearance, but there is wide variety of materials, tools, and partially completed workpieces in evidence.

If one were to walk around the workshop, one would smell in turn the sharp odor of alchemical substances, the warm and pleasant smell of various woods, and the metallic twange of forged and worked metal.

[sblock=Job Info]Kaleva has a job as a craftsman starting from the real date 14-Nov-2011. He owes 500gp for the workshop. He gains 5 XP per week. He earns 4 craft points per week. He earns 6 gp per week (2.5+14/4), however he must spend 1.5gp of that to payoff the workshop.[/sblock]
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