Spelljammer Kender in Spelljammer?! Are they showing up in SJ before DL?

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I seem to recall an incident where someone directed a batch of newly arrived halfings to a prominent halfling neighborhood in Sigil, only for all sorts of havoc to break out because the new arrivals were Athasian and the community they were directed to was distinctly not...

Don't remember Kender being involved.
what would the problem be they got plenty of food and both love good grub?


Dusty Dragon
Point the Space Clowns at Kender Town and be done with it?
Just have the Mass Drivers ready in orbit. It's the only way to be sure


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Just have the Mass Drivers ready in orbit. It's the only way to be sure
personally, I would prefer to use a continent-sized robot more satisfying plus it can hurl moons at the problem.

3600 miles at the smaller estimates of this thing's size.
Even worse: imagine if somehow Kenders were to adapt (or steal...) to the peculiar diet of Athasian halflings!

You would have dangerous psychos who would be unable to understand the notion that your body parts are yours and not up for taking.
imagine if we breed all the strains together it would be a hyperactive cannibal who inexplicably dresses in cottage core.


I crit!
Kender, taught tinkering by gnomes, then invaded by space clowns until they had to adopt the habits of Darksun halflings to survive then captured and conditioned by shenanigans and tomfoolery until they too din the makeup and red nose of their oppressors and over throw them?

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