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This is the start of our 5e campaign. I never ran SJ back in the day and honestly thought it looked ridiculous. Fast forward decades and this is the wackiness I've been wanting and didn't even know. It's also a complete tonal shift from anything I've ever run before. Some thanks to @Morrus; I'm using a healthy dose of Level Up so this is really Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. A few caveats; the Spelljammer 5e book is not very good. It's just not. I'm borrowing a lot of ideas from 2nd edition and reintroducing the phlogiston and crystal spheres, and they exist alongside the Astral which is even more difficult to access than the phlogiston. "Highways" of light connect crystal spheres and allow fast travel. The Astral is even faster, but you need a specialized helm and advanced technology generally only available to denizens like astral elf moth ships and illithid nautiloids. I'm also adding space combat rules from the Guild which is highly robust.

The campaign is a mixture of Spelljammer Academy and Light of Xaryxis, but a lot is being changed, particularly the main "plot" of LoX is not as written in the book. I'll be using chunks of that but not all. We are further into the story than the two recaps included here but I wanted to space them out. Ideally I will update every week or two.

Hope you enjoy.

SJ Session #1

SJ Session #2

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What I really, really like about the Academy setting is that I've been able to frame everything the PCs experience as "school" but it's also teaching the players new mechanics at the same time. I spent half a session just showing them nothing but 2nd edition monster statblocks and they loved it.

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