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Kickstarter (Kickstarter: EDRPG) Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game


Elite Dangerous RPG by Oliver Hulme Spidermind Games


The game (EDRPG) is a skill based system using a D10 and a skill bonus to exceed difficulty numbers. Each character begins with their own spaceship, just like in the computer game.

Not only can characters improve these ships with upgrades to the weapons and internal systems but, with the right amount of money, players can trade in their ships for larger and more powerful models.

There are three arenas of combat, each with their own set of rules. As well as spaceship combat players can engage in personal combat and do battle in a myriad of surface vehicles.

Elite: Dangerous is the modern day incarnation of the seminal space trading game Elite. 30 years after the original game reinvented the way people experienced playing computer games, Elite: Dangerous is ‘The spectacular new multi-player instalment in the seminal open world series of space games that started with Elite’.

Simply put, Elite: Dangerous deserves a role playing game. Not only do the two platforms merge seamlessly together but in the case of Elite: Dangerous it has adopted as one of its core principles the idea of the ‘sandbox’ approach to play. This concept of forging your own path, choosing your own destiny is the foundation on which most role playing games are based and is the key to their success.

And the official website for this Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game is https://www.edrpg.co.uk/



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Still within 24 hours of the first day of the Elite Dangerous RPG Kickstarter, and just over halfway to the initial goal of 45,000 in funding.

Let us win this race today and unlock the cool stretch goals by tomorrow.



Reviews of the Previews of Elite Dangerous RPG

The "Million Word Man" himself, John Dodd of UK Games Expo fame, speaks of the Elite Dangerous RPG.

INSIGHTS: Elite Dangerous RPG and how it differs from Traveller

For me the problem was always how you’d turn something that was very much a one player game, into something that you could play with many friends around the table ... I have to say, the solution made is quite an interesting one.

And an interesting article from Kotaku (Australia), a popular games magazine:

REVIEW: Somone turned the Elite Dangerous computer game into an RPG

And finally, banners to place in your forum signature, if you are so inclined. :cool:



Elite Dangerous RPG is successfully funded at 45K. But many more stretch goals are now open. Let us knock them out of the park.

  • 45K Kickstarter Core Rulebook in Print
  • 60K Art Boosted for Core Rulebook
  • 70K GM Screen
  • 105K Maps Pack 1
  • 130K Opponents Guide
  • 155K Imperial Sourcebook
  • 180K Federatoin Sourcebook
  • 205K Alliance Sourcebook
  • 230K Equipment Guide
  • 240K Maps Pack 2
  • 265K Elite Dangerous RPG Academy (Kids)
  • 275K Counters (ships miniatures)
  • 300K Starports
  • 350K Corporate Guide
  • 385K Rebellion Guide
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It's a pretty nice and solid game, tried it, but my poor PC could not handle the full blown graphic T-T
Anyway good luck on the streach goals !!

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