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Kickstarter [Kickstarter] The Sinister Stone of Sakkara


First Post
Autarch, the creators of the Adventurer Conqueror King SYSTEM (ACKS) RPG has launched their first adventure module for the system, entitled 'The Sinister Stone of Sakkara'.


From the KS page:
The Sinister Stone of Sakkara is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™). It is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules, but is specifically designed to highlight the features and mechanics of ACKS.

The adventure is intended for six to ten characters of 1st to 3rd level, with a combined total of 8-12 levels of experience in the party. In the tradition of classic TSR adventure scenarios such as The Keep on the Borderlands and The Village of Hommlet, The Sinister Stone of Sakkara features a detailed starting base and small wilderness sandbox in addition to a dungeon.

If you've never heard of ACKS - it's a fast-playing derivative of D&D via the OGL that hearkens back to the original versions of the game; this adventure would be easily ported to a d20 variant, Pathfinder, or 5E.

ACKS does provide several benefits not found in other versions of the game:

* A completely realized "domain game" - players are able to found strongholds and gain power and income via rulership. Fighters may build castles; clerics temples; thieves run criminal guilds; mages build towers and dungeons - each class is differentiated.

* Quick combat, realized in the mind's eye or via grid - fighters gain bonus damage by level and may cleave - plowing through multiple opponents each round (thieves and clerics cleave at a lesser rate).

* Character customization via Proficiencies - "feat like" choices that gain you bonuses in combat, or skills, or magical research, etc.

* Magical research - create new spells, crossbreeds, perform necromancies and transmogrifications

In addition, the ACKS Player's Companion provides an internally balanced class and spell creation system, as well as several more classes pre-built. Domains At War: Campaigns provides rules for entering the field of battle, creating, supplying, and moving armies. Domains At War: Battles provides a grid-based war game in which your armies can clash - both Domains At War products allow you to integrate any fantastic monster or player character directly into the battlefield.

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the kickstarter is going well

the first bonus goal is unleashed

BONUS GOAL #1 - PRE-GENERATED PARTY ($7,500): If we reach $7,500 we will add an appendix with a party of 8 pre-generated adventurers. The adventurers that appear in the module will be drawn from the characters created for our Patron Deity, God-Emperor, and Legend tier backers in our ACKS and Player's Companion kickstarters. (" Your PC will be included in the roster of pre-generated characters for adventure modules to come.")

hope to see also the 2nd

BONUS GOAL #2 - FULL COLOR MAP SPREAD ($10,000): If we reach $10,000, we will upgrade the book to include a pair of full-color landscape paintings, one of the fortress of Türos Tem and one of the buried temple. Concept artist JEFF BROWN is on tap to do these paintings. You can check out his work here: http://www.jeffbrowngraphics.com/

and mostly the 3rd (yes I love the roman inspired Auran empire)

BONUS GOAL #3 - AURAN EMPIRE PRIMER ($12,500): Based on backer feedback, we have integrated an additional 2,500 words of information drawing on the Auran Empire into The Sinister Stone of Sakkara. This rich information is already in the draft and ready for your enjoyment. But if we hit Bonus Goal #3, we will supplement the material in the adventure with an additional 5-page PDF with top-down information sourced from the upcoming Auran Empire Campaign Setting. This will be a free PDF distributed separately from the adventure with information on the geography, history, culture, and theology of the setting.

the 4th is of interest for D&D 5th edition players :)

BONUS GOAL #4 - SAKKARA 5E ($15,000): We love The Sinister Stone of Sakkara so much that we want you to play it even if you use it with the Fifth Edition of some other game. If we hit Bonus Goal #4, we will provide a free, separate PDF conversion document with NPCs, monsters, treasure, and magic items ready for your use. (Domains and other ACKS exclusive mechanics will not be converted, however.)

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