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D&D 5E Kickstarter: Weird Wastelands by Worlds of Web DM

Aging Bard

I did not see any rule against posting about Kickstarters. If that is against the rules, let me know and I will delete or the mods can delete. Thanks

Disclosure: I have nothing to do with this Kickstarter except that I am backing it.

However, this Kickstarter for a new 5e supplement seems to be touching on several aspects of advanced play that have been discussed here of late. It already has nearly 2000 backers and is over 700% over its funding goal after only 2 days. So it seems to be scratching an itch.

The content description from the campaign is below. Here is the campaign link: Weird Wastelands Kickstarter
  • A brand-new class, the psion. Harness the power of the mind to shape reality, telepathically link with other creatures, and perceive reality far beyond the normal sensory capabilities.
  • New subclasses for heroes forged in unforgiving environments and infused with weird magical energies: the Scavenger ranger, the Ascetic cleric domain, the Techno-wizard, the Oath of the Warlord paladin, and more.
  • New mechanics that both solve longstanding challenges for interesting exploration-based play in rules-as-written gaming and expand support for the exploration pillar as a whole.
  • Ten locations primed for adventure, peril, and discovery in the weird wastes.
  • Monsters with unique and powerful features to challenge and terrify your players, along with all the comprehensive info you’d expect from Web DM on how they fit into wasteland ecology and culture.
  • Adventure hooks that can stand alone or be strung together to create a weirdly awesome campaign.
  • Myriad tools and toys to help GMs create encounters, adventures, or even an entire campaign.
  • Spells from the Wastes, including custom spells from Jim Davis’s renowned Land Between Two Rivers live-play campaign.
  • Factions to add into any campaign in remote and inhospitable regions.
  • Web DM Wisdom—throughout the book, we will include guidance on various ways to use the material, how to run a great game, and some behind-the-screen insight into our designs.
  • A foreword by visionary game designer (and our personal RPG hero) Monte Cook.

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