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Sparky McDibben

A post from 2CGaming indicates that the company is struggling after using multiple proxy accounts to skirt Kickstarter's rules about having a limited number of active projects. A post from WebDM indicates that they are burnt out and no longer want to make videos or continue their channel.
That sucks! Can you link to those posts? Man, I was so excited about this project...

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That sucks! Can you link to those posts? Man, I was so excited about this project...

"Hey! I’m still around just not on the Wednesday vids for now. Burn out is real and everyone should pay attention to their mental health, so that’s what I’m doing. Making a business out of your hobby is dangerous because now your form of relaxation is tied to work. I hope to come back someday but gotta take care of myself. I appreciate the kind words in the comments. Happy holidays to all!" - Pruitt of WebDM

The 2CGaming post is from an update about communication posted to the Tome of Titans 2 Kickstarter.
"Speaking to the elephant in the room, a brief update on what's going on with the (lack of ) communication. In short, we're working on closing out projects as best we can, but there's a lot of backlog we're getting through with very few people (more or less just one of the core team remains with the company with a small handful of contractors to fill in needed expertise). It's an explanation of the slow pace and lack of communication, but not a valid excuse, and we know that. As we're through the writing, we should have updates with more regularity, even if they have little new content or adjustments to the schedule.

Here's hoping, at least. We'll keep working towards conclusion of this and other projects, and we'll try to be better with the updates, comments, replies, etc., but appreciate your continued patience through the process." -2CGaming

And from the comments of the same update:
Q: So is 2CGaming going away once the last few outstanding project are completed?

A: Probably not, but certainly will take a step back from Kickstarter to support existing projects and communities while we evaluate the landscape.
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