Kickstarter's most funded tabletop book is Strongholds and Followers


Okay, so today this happened, I am quoting to try and wrap my head around this wonder:

A hardcover book (or PDF!) for 5th Edition that gives your character something to spend their money on and extend their influence in the local area. Raise armies! Research spells! Spy on your enemies!

This is a book!

We’re printing a book and we need money for art and layout and printing costs. The core release is 128 pages, hardcover, but the content and page count increase with each stretch goal!

Totally blows my mind that a book (with streaming videos to come later online) by Matt Colville could raise over $1,350,000 on Kickstarter.

Great news for the table top hobby which is very alive and kicking profitably.



Anyone willing to try a thought experiment?

Let us theoretically purchase gold with the $1,300,000 at the prevailing rate of $42.59 per gram.


The gold coins in Dungeons and Dragons being inspired by medieval coins would probably weigh about 10 grams each.

So at the prevailing exchange rate, the $1,350,000 funding should net us about 31,697 grams, that gives about 3,697 gold coins.

Some thought provoking questions now:

(a) What sort of stronghold can we build with the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition for this money?

(b) And how many followers (of various levels) should we attempt to hire if we keep some money for that purpose too?

And feel free to suggest your own conversion rate. I am not an expert in medieval gold coins.