Jon Hodgson

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Jon Hodgson

11th October Book600.jpg

A new week a new blog about KING BEOWULF: this week we're looking at playability and what that means through the lens of BEOWULF Age of Heroes:
KING BEOWULF: on playability

Find out more about KING BEOWULF here.

The campaign launches October 17th. Sign up to be notified here!

Jon Hodgson

It's been a busy night at the KING BEOWULF campaign! We've funded, we've unlocked 2 stretch goals!
Stretch Goals Graphic 10k copy 2.jpg

We will now have spot varnish on the cover, just like the other BEOWULF hardbacks.

We'll have opening art spreads for the chapters, also like the other BEOWULF hardbacks do:

and we're now closing in on unlocking a batch of poems from our friend and BEOWULF poet, Dave Oliver!

Make your pledge now!

(Helmet shown in photos by Wyrmwick Creations, Fuller brooch by Glitterbeard Viking crafts. Both used by kind permission.)

Jon Hodgson

Shipping 600.jpg

On Friday we released the coupon to all backers of KING BEOWULF to get 50% off shipping at our web store.

We weren't able to add everything we do for BEOWULF into the Add-Ons - really we want to concentrate on new stuff that will be ready at the same time as the KING BEOWULF book. And so optionally you can opt to get discounted shipping on the stuff we have in stock right now and we'll send it out to you right away!

(Super awesome helmet by Wyrmwick Creations, and Fuller brooch recreation by Gliterbeard's Viking Crafts, both used with permission. Spear: model's own)

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