Knightfall's Realmsian Dragonstar (Updated: Sept 08/10)


World of Kulan DM
Great to see the update! Still liking it!
Thanks Salthorae.

My time is dedicated to my night class, right now. I'm hoping to write more after the class is finished.

Plus, I was recently diagnosed with gallstones... which is both a blessing and a curse. Now I realize why I've been in so much pain over the years. However, the pain is still there until I see the specialist (in December).



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I've enjoyed this series since it began in 2002. Recently started thinking of Dragonstar and looked to see if there was more.

Hope your health has improved and that you will pick up the story again one day.


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hey [MENTION=2012]Knightfall[/MENTION]... someone posted on the Pathfinder forums about Dragonstar for Pathfinder/Golarion and that made me think of your story and campaign!!

I just re-read the story and am still engaged and love it! Hope someday we'll be able to get more story out of you, also hope that your gallstones and pains are gone now!

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