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PF2 Knights of Everflame, a Pathfinder Second Edition stream, debuts on July 30th on Twitch

Jason Bulmahn

Paizo has teamed up with Geek and Sundry to produce an 8-episode series for Pathfinder Second Edition, titled "Knights of Everflame'!


“Five strangers board a caravan heading to Lastwall, an ancient kingdom watching over the grave of a long dead menace. Signed up as conscripts in the army, they face years of training and service, but as smoke begins to rise from the horizon they must come together as friends if they are to have any chance at survival.”

Game Master Jason Bulmahn leads an amazing cast of adventurers into the heart of darkness every Tuesday from 4-7 p. Pacific, starting on July 30th, on the Geek and Sundry Twitch stream (posted up to their YouTube channel the following week)!