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Kobold Guide To Combat

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4 out of 5 rating for Kobold Guide To Combat

There is some amazing bits of RPG “wisdom” hidden in the pages of the Kobold Guide To Combat. The topics discussed on Combat in Role Playing Games here are wide-ranging and excellently essayed. Even veteran gamers are likely to glean a few new ideas that they can apply to almost any role-playing game system. And while it references D&D and Pathfinder - being two most popular fantasy RPG systems – the theories in the Kobold Guide to Combat are applicable to almost any sort of game including horror or scifi. For players and GMs looking to get more from their game systems, to game designers pondering how to make the next new thing in RPGs, the Kobold Guide To Combat is a valuable resource and just a really excellent read!


First Post
5 out of 5 rating for Kobold Guide To Combat

The beauty of Kobold Guide to Combat is the amazing variety of approaches taken in the essays. You don't get fifteen versions of 'do this to run better combats.' Instead, you get an article about tactics, another about military history, another about tension in the encounter, and another explaining why you should avoid battle in the first place. Each essay will cause you to examine why you've been running combat encounters the way you have all these years. Highly recommended!

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