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[Kobold Press] Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins is Live!

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Marc Radle


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Funded in One Hour! First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

The Warrens are alive with the sounds of exuberant cheers. Once again, you, our fans, have warmed our hearts with your support. We’d like to extend a particularly big thank-you to those of you who shared, liked, and rebroadcast the teasers and announcements leading up to the launch of our Kickstarter. You helped us get here in only 60 minutes!

Even as we wrote this update, your pledges rolled the campaign across our first stretch goal. Everyone now gets access to a form-fillable Dungeon Tracking PDF, where you can list features, add maps, and jot down notes to help keep all the goodies in your ruined temple, byzantine maze, or bandit hideout organized.

Was really hoping the next KP Kickstarter would be Midgard material. Still may back this, I did the other books in the series and I am sure it will be great but it has been a while since there was a new Midgard book.

Marc Radle

Was really hoping the next KP Kickstarter would be Midgard material. Still may back this, I did the other books in the series and I am sure it will be great but it has been a while since there was a new Midgard book.

Hope you do back, this is going to be an AWESOME addition to the Campaign Builder series!

As for Midgard material, we actually release lots of Midgard stuff each month …

If you mean a big, meaty Midgard hardcover though … well … I’ll have to stay mum for now to avoid a tranq dart, but … very good things on that front are on the horizon … wait, was that a kobold-shaped drone? Uh oh, gotta go!

Marc Radle

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Like a light-fingered rogue with a shiny new set of Thieves' Tools, we're already unlocking stretch goals left and right!

Our handy Dungeon Tracker sheet, ideal for keeping all the dangers, treasures, and secrets of your dungeon in one place is now available for ALL Kobold Press fans on the Kobold Store!

Backers ALSO unlocked the second stretch goal - a Pro Design Seminar featuring Steve Winter, Brian Suskind, Erin Roberts, and Tom Cartos, and a Dungeon Tables goal is up next.

So if you haven't checked out the Kickstarter yet, grab your 10 ft. pole and dive in today!

Marc Radle


Dungeons & Ruins Spotlight: Use Dungeon Themes in your Dungeon Creations​

This excerpt from the upcoming book from Kobold Press, Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins, shows you the framework used to describe dungeons to help you define your creations. It includes some exotic elemental dungeons you can create for your players!

Dungeon Themes​

This section explores a variety of sample dungeon types based on setting and themes that you can use as frameworks for creating your own dungeons. The format allows you to interchange sections, including the descriptive elements like theme, setting, and atmosphere, as well as the individual threats and encounters.

Elemental Dungeons​

These frameworks describe dungeons that might be found on elemental planes or near rifts or coterminous zones.

Citadel of Elemental Convergence​

Theme. Mystical intersection.
Setting. A mystical dungeon where boundaries blur between the Material Plane and an elemental plane.
Atmosphere. Shifting energies, sporadic elemental rifts, and an ever-changing environment.
Threats. The following threats represent some of the possible ongoing environmental conditions or notable denizens with a presence in this dungeon:
  • Elemental Anomaly. Unstable pockets of reality give rise to elemental anomalies, each requiring a unique approach or solution to navigate the shifting dungeon safely.
  • Warring Factions. Elemental creatures from various planes cross over, looking to challenge any opponents for control of the citadel.
Encounters. The following encounters represent specific interactions the PCs will face in this dungeon:
  • Arbiter’s Assassins. A neutral extraplanar entity, named the Arbiter, maintains the citadel’s delicate balance. PCs must prevent a group of unknown assassins from killing it and disrupting the precarious balance holding the dungeon together.
  • Chaosweaver’s Puzzle. An enigmatic being manipulates elemental threads to challenge PCs with a puzzle that, when solved, opens gateways to new realms or brings about elemental chaos.
See a bunch more cool examples here!
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