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[Kobold Press] ToV Tuesday! What Changed in the Final Book After the Playtest

Marc Radle


ToV Tuesday! What changed in the final book after your playtest comments​


The earliest public playtests for the Tales of the Valiant RPG focused on player options, so we kept the high-level game rules in the Alpha Release pretty similar to the original SRD. This was the best strategy to get people testing player options as quickly as possible.

Some people assumed the base rules presentation in the Alpha Release was how they would look in the final book—oh man, those people will be shocked. We dug into everything, making little changes everywhere, to increase usability and address some of the more confusing pieces of the 5E rules, while keeping the base mechanics intact to ensure 5E compatibility.

What Got Better​

Here are just some of the base rules elements that got major glow-ups:
  • Adventuring Gear
  • Tools
  • Vehicles
  • Light & Visibility
  • Tracking & Hiding
  • Downtime Rules
  • Magic Item Pricing
And seriously, so much more. Check out the latest ToV Tuesday for LOTS more!

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