Kobold Press, what edition do they use?


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So I was skimming some Kobold Press articles on their site, and the monsters all had attacks written like "+X vs AC" and "+X vs PD" or "+X vs MD". What the hell system are they using??? Tried looking online and can't figure it out. Are they using 4th edition? 5th edition? 13th Age? Kobold Press custom rpg rules??? It's driving me CRAZY!!!! I MUST KNOW. :'(

I'm assuming PD and MD stand for "physical defense" and "mental defense"?

If anyone can enlighten me I will be eternally grateful!

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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They produce materials for 13th Age, Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG (I forget its generic name), Pathfinder and 4E. The products usually list what system they're for pretty clearly. And, of course, they're selling a 5E module now, too.

Honestly, the only thing they're missing is an OSR line.

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