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[KS] Ed Greenwood Plants His Flag With Open Legend

One of gaming's greats, Ed Greenwood, steps up with Critical Role star Matthew Mercer in creating Amaurea's Dawn as part of the Open Legend RPG Kickstarter.


Open-source RPG for any genre. Explore Amaurea's Dawn, a companion multi-genre campaign setting with Matthew Mercer & Ed Greenwood!

What Is Open Legend?

Open Legend is an open-source tabletop roleplaying game being played right now by gamers around the world! Now, we want to take the next step by delivering beautiful physical books and PDFs to our fans.But we can‘t do that without your help!

If you have played roleplaying games in the past, you may be wondering What makes Open Legend worth my time? What makes it different? The secret’s in the title: Open. Ok, maybe it's not such a secret. Everything about the game is about opening up the doors of possibility so that every game creates legends. Here are a few of the possibilities that Open Legend offers.

Open Narrative. You get to tell the story that you want to tell, with the characters you want to play. No limitations. It's not the first time this has been attempted, but we believe that both the strategy of character development and the storytelling of freeform roleplay compliment each other. So we've merged the two in a fresh way that will excite veterans and newcomers alike.

You aren’t tied down to specific class, archetype, or race restrictions. The only limit is your imagination (and maybe the GM’s veto power). Rather than a list of set classes with a menu of skills to pick from, you start the game with attribute points that you spend as you wish to give your character the powers she needs.

Open Genre. We designed Open Legend for all genres, so the core rules are compatible with any setting. The mechanics focus on resulting effects rather than causes, allowing you to explain the cause in a way that tells the most satisfying story at your table. Struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Or soar amidst the clouds on your crystal-powered airship in a steampunk-inspired campaign. Or explore an alien-infested space station abandoned at the edge of the universe. The possibilities are endless.

Open Dice. In Open Legend, dice EXPLODE! That means that whenever ANY die rolls maximum, you get to re-roll it and add the new roll to your total, ad infinitum. The volatile nature of dice rolling makes every roll count. Each session of Open Legend is full of tense moments and the tides can turn at a moment’s notice, for better or worse.

Open Source. That’s right. The core rules are written with accommodation for free use in commercial and non-commercial 3rd Party publications. That means anyone can publish their own adventures, rules supplements, and more. We’re excited to see what unexpected additions to Open Legend come next!

What Is Amaurea's Dawn?

We wanted to do more than just give you a rules set and set you loose, though we love all the world-builders in our community! To demonstrate Open Legend's multi-genre capacity we're releasing a companion book, the Amaurea's Dawn Campaign Setting. Written by legendary storytellers such as Ed Greenwood and Matthew Mercer, Amuarea’s Dawn serves as as an exemplar campaign setting with a genre-bending and narrative rich world. Breathtaking illustration by world-class illustrators accompany and reveal the deeply layered world.

There's a lot going on with this, so get ready to spend some time exploring one you hit the links. If you've been looking to shake things up at your gaming table, but you also want to feel a strong sense of confidence in the quality of the Next New Thing, this may be your next game.


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