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Welcome to the Lankhmar Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Lankhmar campaign setting.

The Lankhmar setting has its origins in a series of short stories penned by the late, great Frizt Leiber between 1939 and 1988. These short stories tell the story of Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser, perhaps two of fantasy's most archetypical rogues. Leiber's stories have been gathered together in a variety of compilations over the years; this Guide is limited to just the title of each story or collection, and does not attempt to fully document seventy years of fiction publication history.

The first Lankhmar product published by TSR was the 1976 stand-alone "Lankhmar" board game (co-designed by Frizt Leiber himself). The inclusion of the Nehwon pantheon in Deities & Demigods was the first time the setting had any D&D material published for it, and this was followed by a campaign setting book as the first in a line of fourteen AD&D and AD&D2 game products. TSR's Lankhmar licence expired before D&D 3rd edition was released and since then, Lankhmar has had only limited support as a game setting in the form of four RuneQuest books published by Mongoose Publishing.

This was the eleventh installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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[h=1]AD&D 1st Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Softcover book[/h]
Lankhmar: City of Adventure (July 1985)

CA1: Swords of the Undercity (December 1985)
CA2: Swords of Deceit (May 1986)

[h=2]Related material[/h]
Deities & Demigods (August 1980, PDF)

[h=1]AD&D 2nd Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Boxed sets[/h]
Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar: The New Adventures of Fafhrd and Gray Mouser (July 1996)

[h=2]Softcover books[/h]
Lankhmar: City of Adventure (October 1993)

[h=2]Other books[/h]
LNA1: Thieves of Lankhmar (February 1990)
LNR1: Wonders of Lankhmar (August 1990)
LNA2: Nehwon (November 1990)
LNA3: Prince of Lankhmar (February 1991)
LNR2: Tales of Lankhmar (June 1991)
LNQ1: Slayers of Lankhmar (October 1992)
Rogues in Lankhmar (September 1993)
Cutthroats of Lankhmar (February 1995)
Avengers in Lankhmar (August 1995)

[h=2]Related material[/h]
Legends & Lore (July 1990, PDF)

[h=1]Novels and fiction[/h]

[h=2]Short stories, novellas and novelettes[/h]
The Jewels in the Forest (1939, as "Two Sought Adventure")
The Bleak Shore (1940)
The Howling Tower (1941)
The Sunken Land (1942)
Thieves' House (1943)
Adept's Gambit (1947)
Claws from the Night (1951, as "Dark Vengeance")
The Seven Black Priests (1953)
Induction (1957)
Lean Times in Lankhmar (1959)
When the Sea-King's Away (1960)
Scylla's Daughter (1961)
The Unholy Grail (1962)
Bazaar of the Bizarre (1963)
The Cloud of Hate (1963)
The Lords of Quarmall (1964)
Stardock (1965)
Their Mistress, the Sea (1968)
The Wrong Branch (1968)
In the Witch's Tent (1968)
The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar (1968)
The Snow Women (1970)
Ill Met in Lankmar (1970)
The Price of Pain-Ease (1970)
The Circle Curse (1970)
The Sadness of the Executioner (1973)
Beauty and the Beasts (1974)
Trapped in the Shadowland (1973)
The Bait (1973)
Under the Thumbs of the Gods (1975)
Trapped in the Sea of Stars (1975)
The Frost Monstreme (1976)
Rime Isle (1977)
Sea Magic (1977)
The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser (1978)
The Mer She (1983)
The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars (1983)
The Mouser Goes Below (1987)
Slack Lankhmar Afternoon Featuring Hisvet (1988)

[h=2]Short story collections[/h]
Night's Black Agents (1947)
Two Sought Adventure (1957)
Swords in the Mist (1968)
Swords Against Wizardy (1968)
Swords and Deviltry (1970)
Swords Against Death (1970)
The Book of Fritz Leiber (1974)
The Second Book of Fritz Leiber (1975)
Swords and Ice Magic (1977)
Rime Isle (1977)
Bazaar of the Bizarre (1978)
The Book of Fritz Leiber, Volume I & II (1980)
The Knight and Knave of Swords (1988)

The Swords of Lankhmar (1968)
Swords Against the Shadowland (1998)

[h=2]Omnibus editions[/h]
The Three of Swords (1989)
Swords' Masters (1989)
Ill Met in Lankmar (1995)
Lean Times in Lankhmar (1996)
Return to Lankhmar (1997)
Farewell to Lankhmar (1998)
The First Book of Lankhmar (2001)
The Second Book of Lankhmar (2001)

[h=1]Other products[/h]

[h=2]Game book[/h]
1 on 1 Adventure Gamebook 5: Dragonsword of Lankhmar (February 1986)

Wonder Woman 202 (September 1972)
Swords of Sorcery 1: Fafhrd the Barbarian & The Gray Mouser (March 1973)
Swords of Sorcery 2: Revenge of the Skull of Jewels (May 1973)
Swords of Sorcery 3: Betrayal! (August 1973)
Swords of Sorcery 4: The Cloud of Hate! (October 1973)
Swords of Sorcery 5: The Sunken Land (December 1973)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 1: Ill Met in Lankhmar (October 1990)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 2: The Circle Curse/The Howling Tower (November 1990)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 3: The Price of Pain Ease/Bazaar of the Bizarre (December 1990)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 4: Lean Times in Lankhmar/When the Sea King's Away (January 1991)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser collection (March 2007)

[h=2]Board game[/h]
Lankhmar (1976)

[h=2]Promotional items[/h]
Nehwon British Telecom telephone card (£1)

[h=2]RuneQuest products[/h]
Lankhmar (2007)
Nehwon (2007)
Swords Against Sorcery (2007)
Lankhmar Unleashed (2009)

[h=1]Magazine articles[/h]

[h=2]Dragon Magazine[/h]
Dragon 1, p4, Fafhrd & The Mouser Say Their Say (June 1976)
Dragon 11, p17, Sea Magic (December 1977)
Dragon 18, p28, The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser (September 1978)
Dragon 27, p28, Giants in the Earth: Classic Heroes from Fiction & Literature (July 1979)
Dragon 30, p16, The Formative Years of 'Fafhrd' and 'The Mouser' (October 1979)
Dragon 31, p32, The Original Game and What It Became (November 1979)
Dragon 33, p12, Converting the New Game Into the Old Lankhmar (January 1980)
Dragon 34, p32, Converting to Lahkmar, In a Nutshell (February 1980)
Dragon 36, p46, MacLankhmar: A Compromise Game (April 1980)
Dragon 37, p31, Combat In the Compromise Game (May 1980)
Dragon 38, p44, A Fafhrd-Mouser Adventure -- In Puzzle Form (June 1980)
Dragon 115, p38, Hammer of Thor, Spear of Zeus: Weapons of Choice for Clerics (November 1986)
Dragon 136, p88, Role-playing Reviews (August 1988)
Dragon 205, p71, Sage Advice (May 1994)
Dragon 216, p74, Role-Playing Reviews (April 1995)
Dragon 227, p110, Role-Playing Reviews (March 1996)
Dragon 232, p29, A Flurry of Swords (March 1998)

[h=2]Other magazines[/h]
Fantasy Newsletter, p5, Good Heaven Fritz, we're a Family Publisher… (July 1982)


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