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Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks is an action packed, dual-genre adventure series for 5E, inspired by an iconic adventure classic.

It can be played using either the standard 5th Edition DnD rules or with Esper Genesis—the comprehensive sci-fi rules system for 5E. You can play as a legendary fantasy hero, a dauntless sci-fi champion, or even both! You can also combine the two sets of rules to create a limitless number of character options and combinations.

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The Series​

The 300+ page book takes characters through all four level tiers and provides additional setting content and game options for use with any 5E campaign.
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First Day Backer Rewards​

Backers that pledge on the first day of launch and keep their pledge active throughout the campaign will receive exclusive adventure content and campaign rewards:
  • The Final Command: A two-part prequel adventure spanning the events that lead into the adventure series.
  • Aldor's Holdings: Your choice of one piece of exclusive magitech gear not available in the adventure series. Also comes with a gear certification for your Crucible Corps organized play campaign.
  • Product Recognition: Your name will be listed in the product as one of our pioneer backers.

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I crit!
The awesome of playing the other side, the space farers arriving to find out what happened, is so freaking compelling to me.

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