Patreon Legacy of the Giants: A 5E compendium featuring over 100 pages of content for just a few bucks! (Free preview inside)


Hello fellow adventurers, I'm DMSlash, a passionate content creator for D&D 5E! Today I'm here to present my new release, Legacy of the Giants: a 5E compendium featuring over 100 pages of content and obtainable for just just a few buck on my Patreon. This is part of my January monthly release, including 4 races, 50 feats, an entirely new set of rules for Runecarving (complete with guidelines to adapt it as a system to craft magic items), 65 runes, a Titan Pantheon inspired by Norse and Greek myths, 45 runic spells, 40 magic items, 4 subclasses, and 30 monsters ranging from CR 1/8 to CR30! For those interested in obtaining it, you can unlock all these wonders for as little as €5, with the chance to access even more content by subscribing to higher tiers. In addition to that, you can find many free previews from the previous and current monthly themes. Some of these previews are also included below for ease of access.
Thank you for your time, and happy adventuring!

Legacy of the Giants (Cover).png
Deep Giants 1.png
Deep Giants 2.png
Deep Giants 3.png
Deep Giants 4.png
Deep Giants 5.png
Sjojotnar 1.png
Sjojotnar 2.png
Trollkin 1.png
Trollkin 2.png
Legendary Items.png
The Titan-Slayer.png
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