• The VOIDRUNNER'S CODEX is coming! Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this comprehensive boxed set expansion for 5E and A5E!

D&D 5E [Legendary Games] Bundle of Holding for Beginners and Christmas in July!


We are pleased to partner with our friends at Bundle of Holding for an incredible new offer for 5E fans: Legendary Beginnings! For just $14.95 you get eight awesome adventures specially designed for newer and younger players, PLUS bonus card sets to enhance your game! The awesome Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Path includes five complete adventures (The Bandit's Cave, The King's Curse, The Thieves' Den, The Oracle's Test, and The Wizard's Dungeon), each growing in complexity and showing off different features of the game so people can learn by playing, expanding what the game can do. It also features new monsters, class options, magic, and a world gazetteer. In addition, it includes three complete standalone adventures, Into the Feyweald, Crisis at Falling Spring Station, and the ENnie-winning A Feast of Flavor, PLUS the companion Pursuit Deck and Quest Deck! This killer collection is awesome for all ages, and also is flat-out old-school fun for experienced gamers too, and you get it nearly 80% off the full price of $70, plus as always a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to charity!

The Legendary Beginnings Bundle of Holding ends August 7th, so grab yours today!

Speaking of great deals, the incredible Christmas in July Sale is on now at DrivethruRPG, featuring literally hundreds of awesome RPG products for your favorite systems at 25% off. Even better, with the ongoing merger between DrivethruRPG and Roll20, you also can get the same spectacular savings on our awesome assortment of Roll 20 VTT modules for DnD 5E, Pathfinder RPG, and Pathfinder 2E!

Last but not least, we are just a few backers away from reaching 1000% of our funding goal on the Mediterranean Monsters Kickstarter for 5E with 8 days left, unlocking the new adventure A Threatened Democracy, the third adventure in the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path! We are excited to provide this terrific adventure saga inspired by Greek history, culture, and mythology, as a killer companion piece to our massive tome of monsters from across the Mediterranean! You can get our FREE 28-page preview PDF for the Mother of Monsters campaign as well as our FREE 16-page preview PDF for the Mediterranean Monsters bestiary right now at DrivethruRPG! We hope you'll check them out and join the project and share it with your fellow 5E fans and friends! Plus you can get discounted bundle deals on all of our Legendary Beasts books like Asian Monsters, Latin American Monsters, Sea Monsters, Mythos Monsters, and Mechanical Monsters, as well as the Faerie Bestiary and Alien Bestiary! It all ends July 27th, so pledge today!


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