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D&D 5E [Legendary Games] FREE preview PDF available now for Mediterranean Monsters KS!


The Mediterranean Monsters Kickstarter for 5E is LIVE!
Our latest Legendary Beasts collection is here with the magnificent Mediterranean Monsters featuring over 120 amazing monsters for your 5E campaign (and with stretch goals aiming to bring us over 150) from the marvelous mythologies of Greece, Italy, Malta, Sardinia, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya! Beautifully illustrated and with detailed lore by our talented team of designers and cultural consultants, you'll find creatures like the greedy gatto mammone and clever ozaena, the mighty stormlord nuberu and celestial omok tannou, undead like the mischievous munaciello and savage vrykolakas, fiends like the furious alecto and murderous h’awouahoua, and so much more of every creature type and Challenge level! We wanted to give all of you a fabulous foretaste of the creatures within, so we've created an absolutely free 16-page Mediterranean Monsters Preview PDF, which you can download right now!

In addition to this bounteous bestiary, we are proud to present our newly expanded Greek-inspired Mother of Monsters Adventure Path to really make a campaign drawing on the mythology of the Mediterranean come to life! And guess what? You can get ANOTHER FREE Preview PDF for the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path right here! Download them both and check them out, then circle back to Kickstarter to pledge now!

If you've loved our previous Legendary Beasts books like Mythos Monsters, Sea Monsters, Asian Monsters, Latin American Monsters, Mechanical Monsters, or our incredible 304-page Faerie Bestiary and 440-page Alien Bestiary, you are definitely not going to want to miss this book! Plus, if you are just discovering our incredible monster collections, you can get them all at a killer Kickstarter discount in the Monster Master Mega-Bundle, featuring over 1,100 creatures and counting, nearly 1,500 pages of insane monstery goodness (and evilness) from around the world!

We're only 5 days in and already to nearly 700% of our initial funding goal! It all ends Thursday, July 27! Back it today and Make Your Game Legendary!

We hope you'll check out this exciting new creature collection from Legendary Games, and we are creating a FREE Preview PDF that we'll be releasing later this week so you can get a foretaste of the marvelous monsters within! You can get a FREE Preview of the Mother of Monsters Adventure Path right now, so check it out and Make Your Game Legendary!


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