D&D 5E [Legendary Games] Just one week left for Mechanical Monsters Revisited - 5E, PF1, and PF2!


Mechanical Monsters is an awesome softcover bestiary featuring over 140 incredible creatures for DnD 5E, over 130 for Pathfinder Second Edition, or over 100 for Pathfinder RPG. These mechanical monstrosities may be born from mad sciencists and magitech, steampunk and clockworks, and advanced cybernetics and robotics. Blend alien technology with ancient empires and science with sorcery with Mechanical Monsters for all three systems, with awesome VTT support with Foundry, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Shard! Add some technological terror to your game with this book and the amazing Alien Bestiary, or killer class options for players with add-on books like Mechanical Heroes for PF2 or the Alien Codex for 5E and PF1. Don't miss out and pledge today!

This fantastic QUICK-starter project ends February 8th, with immediate PDF fulfillment after the KS ends and print books going out soon thereafter. Don't like waiting forever to get your Kickstarter rewards? No problem! The 5E bestiaries are printed and scheduled to arrive in port February 12, with delivery to us a week or two later. The PF1 and PF2 versions are print-on-demand and will be ready to start shipping in a similar time frame. Most of the VTT modules are ready to go now, with a few still in production, but otherwise everything you want will be heading your way this month!

Whether you're a 5E fan or a Pathfinder player (1st or 2nd Edition), these books will add an awesome amount of mecha-material to your campaign from steampunk to star-spanning sci-fi! It all ends February 8th so don't miss out and pledge today!

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