Pathfinder 1E [Legendary Games] Legendary Druids are here for Wednesday PF1sday!


We are delighted to make Wednesday PF1sday with Legendary Druids by Andrew J. Gibson, Connor Bates, Norman Mitchell, Keiran Easter, a terrific tome of all things natural, primal, and elemental! This incredible new book is our 50TH PATHFINDER RPG CLASS BOOK! Wow. It's been a long road, but we are delighted to have created so many killer class compendiums for your PF1 game. This book redesigns the class, expanding the number of options available through their bond, adding spell specializations, and simplifying wildshape and spellcasting in general, and adding a talent system for the druid’s minor class features. You'll find 14 druid circles, from the Circle of the Sun to the Circle of the Hearth, along with wild bonds like the bond of ferocity unleashing a savage alter-ego and the bond of stewardship, making your druid a true guardian of the land, plus 6 awesome archetypes, including the scaled dragon-bonded Wyrmkin. You can grab this awesome accessory at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!


If you missed our last class book, we encourage you to check out this month's Legendary Occultists! Armed with an array of otherworldly powers and abilities, this restructured version offers new class abilities, such as Spell Raiding, Antiques, Historical Figures, Ley Lines, Ambience, and sundry talent-like Electives. With inspiration drawn from the real-life occultists of recent centuries, these new options include: the Legendary Occultist Alternate Class, 9 archetypes, 59 electives, 7 class bonuses, 42 feats (including 20 mythic feats), 8 implement schools, as well as alternate class features that replace Aura Sight, Object Reading, and Magic Item Skill; with loads of other diverse secrets to give your master-of-the-hidden a plenitude of powers! You can grab this incredible 44-page PF1 class book by Margherita Tramontano and Aaron Hollingsworth right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG!


Last but not least, if you missed our magnificent Mythos Monsters Quick-Starter, it's already over! I mean, it was really QUICK! But you can still get on board with a late order - just email us at or get ready for the "after-Kickstarter" preorder store to pop up soon! Within this tome of terrors, you'll find over 80 cosmic horrors, mythos minions, eldritch entities, and Great Old Ones! The 124-page Pathfinder 1E version and 102-page Pathfinder 2E version are both already finished, with PDFs immediately sent to backers and print books ready to ship as soon as they clear the printing approval process!

Our next Quick-Starter is already percolating, with the PF1 version already off to layout and development on the PF2 version rolling along. We are excited to bring you the awesome Asian Monsters bestiary, with nearly 100 incredible creatures from across Asia and the Western Pacific. Researched and reviewed with a team of nearly a dozen authors, artists, and consultants from Korea to Malaysia, India to Japan, China to Australia, and more, you'll find a ton of terrific creatures within these pages ready to unleash on your campaign. This Quickstarter is likely to launch in July or August, depending on how we juggle our schedule, but we hope you'll check it out!


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