D&D 5E [Legendary Games] May is for Mechanical Monsters, Mini-Dungeons, and More for 5E!


We wish you a merry month of May as we move out with Mechanical Monsters, our latest Legendary Bestiary featuring over 140 incredible creatures for DnD 5E born from mad sciencists and magitech, clockworks and cybernetics. Sci-fi elements have been a part of the RPG landscape from its earliest days, infusing fantasy with elements of future tech from far realms beyond the stars, ancient empires with lost technology, or curious artificers and alchemists working together to blend science and sorcery. Mechanical Monsters delivers an incredible collection of these creatures for your campaign! Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!

Within these pages, you'll find over awesome adversaries and gear-driven goliaths from low-level mecha-minions like walking eye robots, rust-risen undead, and ferrofluid oozes to titanic annihilator robots, magnetoclusters, heavy metal elementals, and clockwork leviathans! You'll find creatures from across the spectrum of technological advancement, from primitive ironrot lichen to sorcerous soulbound shells, gear-punk steamwerks golems and sinister cranial dissectibots, to advanced android assassins and nanite storms. Mechanical creatures also are not limited to the mortal realms of the Material Plane, as you'll find technocurious fey like the asteray and epokasite fixer, fiends like the composite alorbidaemon and endbringer devil, and living spirit-machines like the tsukumogami and more than half a dozen inevitables!

Our Pathfinder RPG version of Mechanical Monsters is finalizing layout now and will go out to Kickstarter backers soon and then go live to everyone else after that! We're delighted to be able to turn around this Quick-Starter project so fast, and we're already gearing up for our next project coming in June, with more information to come soon!

Speaking of Kickstarters, we also are delighted to share with you an awesome new 5E project from our dear friend Jonathan Nelson at AAW Games with their Mini-Dungeon Tome II! This 250-page book contains a wealth of one-shots and side quests for 5th Edition. It is the standalone sequel to the best-selling Mini-Dungeon Tome and continues the collection with over 116 new mini-dungeons. Each adventure includes a map and 2 pages of description and stats, each one coded and keyed for type, theme, power level, and more. The majority are for 1st to 10th level, but there are mini-adventures in this book for characters all the way up to 20th, and the book is available as a hardcover, limited edition hardcover, or pocket-sized softcover! You can even download the FREE Mini-Dungeon Preview Pack to get a taste of the awesome adventures inside! It all ends May 24th so check it out today!


Last but not least, we encourage any of you who have not yet been able to do so to consider purchasing one or both of the two INCREDI-BUNDLES to help Owen K.C. Stephens and his wife Lj in their time of a medical crisis. You can see previous posts for details, but to help them with their bills egendary Games and nearly 20 other publishers have donated products to two bundles, each with more than $700 worth of products for $35, a titanic 95% savings! Here are the links for Bundle #1 and Bundle #2!

Each bundle has a range of product types, such adventures, campaign settings, character options, core rulebooks, equipment books, GM tools, monster books, NPCs, paper figures, starships, and even official Paizo game fiction. They are made for a variety of game systems, including A.C.E., Eclipse Phase, ICONS, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder 1st ed, Pathfinder 2nd ed, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Shotguns & Sorcery, Spectaculars, and Starfinder! But hurry! These bundles will only be available through May 15th, so if you want to support an incredible couple that help make the gaming community better, or even if you just want to save HUGE on a ton of terrific gaming material, we invite you to check out these bundles soon!


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Soon as I have money to spare, I’m ordering this. Alien Bestiary was highly enjoyable for me, so this one should be just as much fun!
Awesome, glad to hear it. There are some monsters that appear in both books, but there are a TON of new monsters (I think around 75% new since the Alien Bestiary).

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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