Pathfinder 1E [Legendary Games] Monday PF1day: The Way of Ki Expanded, Witches in layout, and Ultimate Faeries just one week away!


In the process of doing our Ultimate Warriors Quick-starter, we realized that we never actually offered two of our PF1 classics in printed format, so we've created The Way of Ki Expanded, a single volume that combines The Way of Ki and Meditations of the Imperial Mystics for Pathfinder RPG, into a single volume, newly re-edited and ready for you to expand the mystical and supernatural powers within every adventurer as they unite mind, body, and spirit in meditative harmony of ki-using classes and also as a power that characters of any kind can use with proper training and focus. You'll find tons of martial arts options as well as merging magic and mysticism, uniting the possibilities of arcane and divine magic with the unity of mind, body, and spirit in meditative harmony. If you've already got the original PDFs, keep enjoying them! If you don't, or you'd like it in print, you can grab this terrific 38-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!

The Legendary Witches playtest has concluded and we are sending the book off to layout this week! Legendary Investigators is in playtest and editing now, so it will be next on the list, but for a quick foretaste of witchy goodness, here's the intro to the class:
While the Legendary Witch shares many similarities with the Witch including patrons, hexes, and familiars. Where the two differ is in the depth of connection and breadth of impact patron choice now has on play. Each patron offers multiple unique powers and access to unique hexes ensuring no two Legendary Witches ever need to be the same. A patron representing strength will bestow martial prowess and alchemical knowledge while a patron representing the seasons will grant elemental mastery and dominion over weather. What power will you bargain for?
You'll find updated spells, hexes, patrons, and more, alongside new unique patrons like Azata's Freedom and Guardians of Graves, archetypes like the Braid Bound Witch and Templar of Secrets. Layout should be finished by the end of the month so look for Legendary Witches coming soon for PF1!
Last but not least, the ULTIMATE FAERIES LAUNCHES next Monday, October 24th!
Ultimate Faeries is on track to launch next week and we hope you'll join us! Whether you're a Pathfinder player for PF1 or PF2 or a 5E fan, you'll find over a thousand pages of incredible material for fey and forest campaigns in Faerie Campaigns and the Faerie Bestiary for both Pathfinder Second Edition and DnD 5E and the fabulous Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for Pathfinder 1E! These beautiful books include not only all of our awesome fey and forest campaign supplements from years past, but also hundreds of pages of all-new material to make your campaigns featuring faeries more magical, mysterious, and memorable!

Among the stretch goals for this project, we are producing our first-ever set of sculpted miniatures, which will be available as STL files for 3D printers and, if we hit our stretch goals, as finished minis for purchase! Everyone could use a little feline friend like the ovinnik mouser, a helpful house spirit who can take care of your vermin problems!

Faerie Bestiary 5E layout is complete and Faerie Bestiary PF2 layout should be finished next weekend, though we may add some special magnificent monsters with stretch goals there too! We are excited to get this project headed your way! Whether you are looking for a perfect companion for the original Kingmaker AP or the new Kingmaker Adventure Path Anniversary Edition that we co-published with Paizo, Inc. that releases next week or just want to enhance your own campaign into the fey realms and forest deeps, we hope you will join us for Ultimate Faeries!

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