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D&D 5E [Legendary Games] Mother of Monsters 5E Kickstarter is LIVE for Bronze Age adventure!


Welcome to Mother of Monsters, a new DnD 5E adventure saga inspired by the myths and legends, gods and heroes of ancient Greece! This incredible adventure spans the Kagari Islands, warring city-states plagued by rampaging monsters and sinister cults. Each island holds breathtaking beauty but hides terrible secrets within dark tombs and forbidding caves. The pious people of the Kagari Islands attribute their every fortune--good or bad--to the will of the gods, yet civilization exists upon the skeletons of societies long past, and the Underworld awaits with monsters aplenty. Within this world, Mother of Monsters offers over 200 pages of adventures and bonus material to create a sensational sword and sandals campaign! It's live and ready for you on Kickstarter, running now through November 24!

Best of all, this is a QUICK-starter. All the PDFs are done--not almost done, but actually done--and ready to release as soon as the Kickstarter ends, with the printing and shipping process starting as soon as we collect all Backerkit information.

  • The saga begins with the 108-page Stone Mother's Assault, an introductory adventure taking your heroes from 1st to 5th level against a sinister threat arising from the depths of the Underworld. This adventure is totally self-contained, complete with a fully detailed island kingdom, new NPCs, new magic items, new monsters and gorgeous maps. Everything you need to run the adventure is all right here, but if you want to expand the campaign, grab the bonus companion volumes below!
  • The 60-page Mother of Monsters Player’s Guide brings your players insights into the politics and geography of their world, alongside new player options to create heroes unique to the Kagari Islands. This spoiler-free resource has all the information your player’s need and nothing they don't, including new races, classes, feats, spells, and even a custom language!
  • The 32-page Mother of Monsters GM’s Guide, on the other hand, has all the spoilerrific goodies for the GM. Discover the truth behind the legends and adventure hooks to help you launch an odyssey worthy of poems and plays like those written of Jason and the Argonauts or Perseus and Medusa! Plus, more magic items and monsters to enhance your adventures!

Our Mother of Monsters team has been hard at work on this fantastic new project and we are excited to get it into your hands. If this initial Kickstarter project goes well, we may be doing many more projects in the Mother of Monsters saga, and we hope you are excited to take this epic journey with us today!


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