Black Flag [Legendary Games] Mythos Monsters and More for BFR!


We are excited to continue supporting both core 5th Edition and variants like Black Flag Roleplaying, and we are delighted to debut our first bestiary book for BFR with Mythos Monsters! You'll find over 40 eldritch abominations from the dark places beyond the stars to expand your Black Flag RPG or Tales of the Valiant campaign, from deep ones and shantaks to nightgaunts and gugs, mi-go and hounds of Tindalos, and even Great Old Ones like dread Cthulhu and Hastur the Unspeakable! Plus you'll get tools for turning ordinary monsters into pseudonatural xenoid horrors! Grab this 76-page Black Flag bestiary in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG!

Plus, we've got even more creatures coming soon, with Beasts of Legend: Construct Codex already in layout now, bringing you a baker's dozen of creepy construct creatures for your campaign! We're also hard at work bringing our spectacular Sea Monsters bestiary book to Black Flag as well, with even more coming soon! If Tales of the Valiant or the Black Flag Roleplaying system is your favorite flavor of 5E, you've got some terrific tomes of terror coming soon!

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