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D&D 5E [Legendary Games] One Last Call for 1.0a? The Mechanical Monsters 5E Quick-Starter is LIVE!



Mechanical Monsters is a softcover 5E bestiary featuring over 140 incredible creatures born from mad scientists and magitech, clockworks and cybernetics, and great grinding gears and engines of destruction! Sci-fi elements have been a part of the RPG landscape from its earliest days, infusing fantasy with elements of future tech from far realms beyond the stars, ancient empires with lost technology, or curious artificers and alchemists working together to blend science and sorcery. Mechanical Monsters delivers an incredible collection of these creatures for your campaign!

The OGL may be changing, but we're ready for one last 5E project and hope you sign up today on Kickstarter!

Within these pages, you'll find over 140 awesome adversaries and gear-driven goliaths, from low-level mecha-minions like walking eye robots, rust-risen undead, and ferrofluid oozes to titanic annihilator robots, magnetoclusters, heavy metal elementals, and clockwork leviathans! You'll find creatures from across the spectrum of technological advancement, from primitive ironrot lichen to sorcerous soulbound shells, gear-punk steamwerks golems and sinister cranial dissectibots, to advanced android assassins and nanite storms. Mechanical creatures also are not limited to the mortal realms of the Material Plane, as you'll find technocurious fey like the asteray and epokasite fixer, fiends like the composite alorbidaemon and endbringer devil, and living spirit-machines like the tsukumogami and more than half a dozen inevitables.

If Mechanical Monsters alone are not enough to pique your interest, you also can grab the incredible 440-page Alien Bestiary for 5th Edition at a special Kickstarter discount, plus add-ons like the amazing Alien Codex with nearly 300 pages of playable races, ready-to-use NPC stat blocks, feats, spells, magic items, technology, and more! Plus, we've got bonus support options for 5E fans who also play Pathfinder RPG and Starfinder RPG!

Best of all, this is a QUICK-STARTER! It runs for just three weeks and all the writing and art is done and the book is in layout now, with the first draft already published (though not available to the general public yet) to conform to the OGL 1.0a license. PDFs will go out as soon as the KS ends, and print books as soon as they can be produced! We've run a dozen Quick-Starters previously, and our fans LOVE our immediate fulfillment, and we think you will too!

P.S. What we've seen so far of the new OGL 1.1 is problematic on a lot of levels and Legendary Games will most definitely not be supporting that license going forward, though we do look forward to finding alternate avenues for creating tons of terrific content that 5E players will love, including partnering on 5E-adjacent systems LevelUp or those under development elsewhere. In any case, while this could be the last 5E project we are able to do under the terms of the existing OGL 1.0a, we hope you'll pledge now on Kickstarter and grab these incredible creatures to Make Your Game Legendary!

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