Starfinder [Legendary Games] So Much Sci-Fi times Three!


Good things come in threes, and we've got three spectacular sci-fi supplements for you!

1. Last week:
We brought you the latest chapter in the amazing Arcforge campaign setting with Gleam of Eternity, crossing over with rules for both Starfinder and Pathfinder with new rules for biohackers, vanguards, wilders, psychic warriors, witchwarpers, psionics, Spheres of Power, psycho-stimulants and so much more! Even if you don't use the richly detailed world of Vandara and the Aurin system, you'll still find a wealth of content perfect for any sci-fi/fantasy game right here! Grab this today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

Today: We double down on the Starfinder rule set with a brand-new 20-level complete character class in Star Classes: Nanomancer! This exciting new class combines the drone elements of the Mechanic with the spell casting of the Technomancer, and adding its own unique nanite powered techniques, the nanomancer is sure to infuse your game with its own brand of nano-enhancing magi-tech. Grab this brand-new Starfinder RPG class today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!

3. Coming Friday!
The first fantastic foray of amazing adventure into the best-selling Aethera Campaign Setting is coming this week with Amber Scott's Wanted in the Wastes! Here's a quick foretastes of what you'll find in this fabulous 52-page adventure for 1st-level characters, available this week for Pathfinder and in layout now for Starfinder! - Patrons of the Legendary Games Patreon can purchase their copies RIGHT NOW!

Journey across the parched wastes of Akasaat beyond the shores of the Bleaching Sea in search of a fugitive spellcaster hunted by the agents of the tireless Vanguard Order! Discover the secrets of the forbidden spaces in the desert's heart, through scouring storms, bone-eating raiders, and a lost city that was long a haven but might become a deathtrap. Choose a side between the militant Hierarchy and the liberty-seeking Riders and make your mark on the incredible worlds of the Aethera system!

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