Starfinder [Legendary Games] Starfinder Saturday means high-level adventure with To Kill a Star!


To all things there must come an ending, even saga as spectacular as the massive Legendary Planet Adventure Path! Taking your Starfinder Roleplaying Game heroes from 1st all the way to 20th level, this incredible adventure saga reaches its explosive climax in the massive 146-page mega-adventure To Kill a Star! This incredible adventure takes the mightiest heroes that your Starfinder campaign can offer and pits them against a charnel nebula of dead gods, to a vast Dyson sphere over a hundred million miles across, chock full of technological terrors, psychic inquisitors, and the hosts arrayed of the foulest Hegemony to ever dominate the galaxy. Only you can fulfil the call of destiny and topple an evil empire that has stretched its grip across the stars! Plus over a dozen new monsters, new technological treasures, an expansive gazetteer, and the conclusion of Chris A. Jackson’s companion short story series! Grab your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, or Amazon!

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