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PF [Legendary Games] The Aethera Field Guide makes the Aethera Campaign Setting even more amazing!

At long last, the next incredible expansion to our best-selling Aethera Campaign Setting is here! The amazing Aethera Field Guide explores the spectacular solar system of Aethera in unbelievable depth, with six vividly detailed planets and their eldritch ecosystems. You’ll find nearly 60 magnificent monsters native to these worlds, as well as NPCs, new character options, special equipment developed on each world, and more! From tiny parasites to titanic cloud-soaring leviathans and the immortal paragons, you’ll find inspiring places to plan your adventures in a campaign that blends sci-fi, fantasy, cosmic horror, and steampunk noir in unique blend all its own! Grab this fantastic 220-page compendium right now in PDF, with print preorders available now at the Legendary Games webstore. Once the print version cycles through printer approvals, we’ll get our Kickstarter backers their books and then they’ll be available to everyone, hopefully by the end of next week!

Meanwhile, pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, DrivethruRPG, and at Paizo as soon as it gets uploaded! PLUS, you can use the coupon code AETHERA10 at the Legendary Games webstore to get $10 off a copy of the amazing Aethera Campaign Setting to go along with it!

This book is available right now for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the Starfinder version is in layout as we speak, with the 5E version to follow right after! We are excited and delighted to expand this incredible campaign setting, and we also are at long last almost ready to debut the first full adventure set in the Aethera universe, Wanted in the Wastes by Amber Scott, set to release in April!
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Hi all! My name is Carlos Cabrera, one of the authors for the Aethera Field Guide. I created 5 monsters in this particular volume, and I'd be happy to talk to you about them now that we've released!

I also have a selection of mythic spells that you will see in Legendary Games' Mythic Character Codex, from their Mythic Mania II Kickstarter! These are actually spells previously printed in Pathways #78 by Rite Publishing, this time upgraded for mythic play! I'd be happy to talk about these as well!